Independent study by Acorn

Acorn International, a premier environmental and social risk management service provider, presented an Independent Study of Marine Environmental Conditions at an official launch ceremony in Ghana on 25 February. The study has been recognised as a critical development in establishing a foundation for productive dialogue between fishermen, NGOs, oil companies and government officials regarding use of Ghana’s valued marine zone.

The launch was hosted by the Ghana Environmental Protection Agency and presided over by Ghana’s Minister of Fisheries. In attendance were traditional chiefs and a member of parliament from Ghana’s Western Region, NGOs, oil industry representatives, government officials, marine experts and the press.

Acorn International’s work in Ghana includes an environmental governance study for the Ministry of Environment, a social performance assessment for an international oil and gas company and the training of local environmental and social practitioners in applying the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards for Environmental and Social Sustainability to industrial developments in Ghana.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

Published on 06/03/2015

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