Unlocking oilfields in new jack-up territory

The CJ54 is the latest addition to the successful series of the GustoMSC cantilever drilling jack-ups (CJ-series). Positioned in between the well-established CJ50 and CJ62, the CJ54 is a cost-effective rig for offshore fields in water depths up to 450 ft. The CJ54 is expected to play a competing role in the worldwide arena.

In worldwide environments up to 137 m (450 ft) water depth, the CJ54 is able to unlock oil fields in new jack-up territory. This includes new operational area in the Gulf of Mexico, near the coast of West Africa and South-East Asia. Prospects in the range of 350 – 450 ft, potentially with large leg penetrations, are the prime candidates for utilising the CJ54 as the drilling jack-up solution.

The basic design of the CJ series has been set to ensure stable and efficient operations. Due to its key design features, drilling interruptions are reduced to a minimum. The designs are setting the industry standard with as yet unbeatable operating parameters with regard to water depth, air gap, environmental capability, cantilever reach and combined load. In standard worldwide environments, the CJ54 is equipped to perform exploration and development drilling work up to water depths of 450 ft with a design wave of 70 ft, wave and wind speeds of up to 51.5 m/s.

The key elements of the jack-up rig are the robust X-bracing structure of the jack-up legs, the already 12-year proven and still innovative X-Y cantilever layout and the integrated jacking and fixation systems. Compared to competing designs, the X-bracing provides the legs with increased structural capability in those operational conditions in which the fixation system is not engaged such as during relocation.

The X-Y skidding system allows the combined drill floor, substructure and cantilever to be moved in longitudinal and transversal direction. The cantilever load chart is impressively enhanced, as the full combined load can be used over the full transverse envelope. The CJ54 drilling envelop is a stunning 90 ft x 50 ft with a combined load rating of 1500 metric tons.

The dimensions of the CJ54 have been chosen in such a manner that it offers enough space for a 2000 or 2500 kips derrick, four standard mud pumps and related equipment. As the cantilever X-Y skidding system is an integrated part of all CJ series, the net effective deck area totals more than 4500 m2. The rig is equipped with a wrap-around-the-forward-leg accommodation block with 150 PoB.

The CJ54 therefore provides 100% uptime with all the typical CJ series advantages, while the sturdy leg design allows for positioning in unrivalled sea states.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 19/03/2015

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