New expandable liner hanger system for deepwater and offshore applications

A new expandable liner hanger system has been introduced to the market. Halliburton’s VersaFlex® XtremeGrip system extends the company’s liner hanger portfolio with a high-performance, expandable liner hanger that provides a compliant metal-to-metal seal with a fully bonded resilient elastomeric seal. With a distinct design that offers enhanced bi-directional anchoring capabilities, it is designed to hang liner and seal off in temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) for oil and gas wells, and up to 575°F (302°C) for geothermal wells. The system has been tested to ISO 14310 V0 requirement on multiple sizes.

For use in deepwater and offshore applications

The VersaFlex XtremeGrip system is ideal for use in deepwater and offshore applications where long liners must be deployed in high temperature wells. The system is designed to minimise risks and maintain hang-weight capabilities in extreme environments. The ability of the system to rotate and reciprocate during cementing helps improve cementing results and reduce the need for costly remediation.

Global case studies

The system has been run and set successfully in deepwater projects in Norway, Angola, Malaysia, and the Gulf of Mexico. In a recent Gulf of Mexico application, the VersaFlex XtremeGrip system was run through a milled window into a sidetrack to set at a depth of approximately 28 000 ft in a 10 1/8 in. parent casing. A liner hanger was required to reliably run production liner to permit depth, cement the liner hole annulus to isolate the production sand and to hang the liner with a competent liner-top anchor/seal package in an extremely deviated well; a feat that had not been previously performed without issue using a conventional style hanger. 

Artie Burke, Vice President of Completion Tools, said, “The VersaFlex XtremeGrip system allows us to expand the operating envelop to better address operators’ current and future needs. The versatility and reliability of this system helps eliminate downtime and reduce operational time for our customers.”

Click here to watch a video describing the advantages VersaFlex® XtremeGrip system.

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

Published on 19/05/2015

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