ABB launches 100 day challenge for UKCS operators

In an attempt to stimulate the industry's economic recovery, ABB Consulting has launched its 100-day UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) cost reduction challenge. The engineering and consultancy firm hope that the new scheme will reduce low value engineering activities by 40%.

100-day challenge aimed at reducing costs and improving safety

Targeting operators in the North Sea, ABB has proposed that this scheme will dramatically reduce costs, improve safety and production efficiency. The company considers the current low oil price means that reducing operating and life costs is a clear priority for UKCS operators. According to ABB, firms that partake in the scheme will see cost reduction benefits within 100 days.

ABB Consulting has been assisting with eliminating low-value activities which will save firms money and improve uptime prior to the unveiling of the 100-day challenge. Its approach is part of a broader scheme, designed to boost production efficiency in the UKCS. The larger plan involves three main steps.

Step 1 is a rapid assessment to identify the opportunities that exist and can be delivered within a given timeframe. Step 2 is where ABB specialists develop the revised maintenance, inspection and testings plans that can be delivered in the timescale. Finally, step 3 is the attempt to implement plans into actions.

Phil Lawson, Consultancy Manager at ABB Aberdeen, explains: “Our 100-day challenge is designed specifically for operators who are seeking opportunities to reduce costs, to act on benefits and implement them within the 100 days.” He continues: “Our team of experienced specialists will work with companies side by side to make pragmatic technical judgements and offer first-class solutions that are cost-effective.”

Adapted from press release by David Bizley

Published on 20/07/2015

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