Canyon Offshore has mobilised new UHD-III ROVs to their vessel

Canyon Offshore, subsea remote operated vehicle (ROV) operator, has mobilised two new UHD-III ROVs to their Grand Canyon II vessel. These new ROVs will enhance Canyon’s reputation for having robust and flexible systems which are ideal for subsea field work.

The Grand Canyon II is designed to perform a broad range of subsea operations, with DP3-class station keeping for work in severe weather conditions. It features a 250 t heave compensated crane, facilities to launch port and starboard side ROVs simultaneously. The vessel’s first project was for survey and trenching work in the UK. The UHD-IIIs were utilised continuously for a four week period, with only one hour of maintenance time.

Comment from Canyon Offshore

“We are delighted to have installed two new UHD-III ROVs, complete with heave compensated launch and recovery systems onboard the Grand Canyon II, the second in the series of our flag ships. The UHD-III ROVs are already proving to be great assets,” said Ian Edmonstone, President of Canyon Offshore.

Comment from FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics

“We are very pleased to continue our relationship with Canyon Offshore, in providing equipment as critical to their operations as ROVs. The reliability and versatility of the UHD-III ROV are great assets to their new Grand Canyon II vessel,” stated Tyler Schilling, President for FMC Technologies Schilling Robotics.


Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

Published on 24/06/2015

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