Echidna regional broadband 2D seismic survey

Searcher Seismic in conjunction with project partner MAGE, has announced the Echidna regional broadband 2D seismic survey in Ireland. 

Covering exploration targets in the North Atlantic

The Echidna regional broadband 2D seismic survey comprises of approximately 9000 km of high quality, long offset broadband 2D seismic data and will be the first comprehensive well-tie survey covering the Atlantic Margin off western Ireland. 

The survey will cover the Goban Spur, Porcupine and Slyne Basins, and includes well-tie to over 30 exploration wells. 

The survey also incorporates the Connemarra and Burren oilfields and the Spanish Point gas discovery. 

The rift systems associated with these basins are among the most interesting exploration targets in the North Atlantic, with recent drilling results indicating considerable oil potential. 

The Flemish Basin on the Canadian side of the Atlantic Rift was located adjacent to the Goban Spur/Southern Porcupine Basins until Aptian time, suggesting the possibility that similar play types may be revealed within the Echidna survey area.

Echidna survey acquisition

The Echidna survey will be acquired with a 10 km streamer, which is longer that most existing surveys. This cable length, combined with the latest broadband processing techniques, will provide exploration companies with a unique opportunity to conduct an integrated evaluation of this highly prospective acreage. 

Standard deliverables for the survey will include both time and depth image processing. 

The survey also incorporates the historical drilling results in one consistent, long offset broadband seismic dataset. 

Acquisition is scheduled to commence in March 2015, with fast track data expected in time for evaluation of the Irish bid round. 

Adapted from press release by Cecilia Rehn

Published on 31/03/2015

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