New TAM International technology

TAM International, Inc., an independent oilfield services company providing inflatable and swellable packers, has introduced a new swellable packer technology as part of their extensive FREECAP® swellable packer product line. The TAM FastSwell® technology utilises a proprietary process that alters the geometric design of the elastomer to provide ultra-fast, but predictable and controlled swell rates for challenging downhole conditions currently unsuited for a swellable packer due to long swell times.

TAM has the industry’s most extensive line of fit-for-purpose swellable elastomer compounds, and the new TAM FastSwell® design can be applied to any of these current offerings. The technology can be customised to increase or decrease the swell rate by changing the configuration of the elastomer geometry, providing operators many options for applications where they currently cannot use a swellable packer. Both water-swell and oil-swell elastomers can utilise the new technology, which is now available for operator applications worldwide.

“This technology breakthrough is a major step forward in swellable packer technology and continues our standard of developing elastomer technology that performs in a highly predictable and reliable manner downhole,” said Ray Frisby, TAM’s Vice President of Technology.

TAM FastSwell® technology, like all of TAM’s elastomers, does not rely on protective coatings to prevent premature swelling during the trip in the hole. Reliable prediction of swell times is designed into all the numerous compounds TAM has developed for various global well environment applications. This new technology dramatically enhances the performance envelope of TAM’s existing elastomer suite.

Testing has confirmed the TAM FastSwell® design satisfies existing downhole packer differential ratings. These currently can reach up to 12,000 PSI differential and downhole temperatures ranging from 70° to 575 ° F (20° to 302° C). Extensive laboratory testing has been performed at downhole conditions and in actual well fluids to determine how the elastomers perform. As part of the TAM FastSwell® service, customers can also provide anticipated well fluid samples in advance and TAM will perform well-specific lab testing to ensure the optimal elastomer and geometry is selected.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

Published on 02/03/2015

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