Cameron provides advanced metering

Cameron introduces The CamCor series meter

Cameron (NYSE: CAM) is introducing a new series of Coriolis flow meters. The CamCor™ series meters can handle many hydrocarbon production and processing applications effectively, but are especially suited for monitoring separator outlets near wellheads, crude oil custody transfer operations, in plants and pipelines delivering refined products and specialty gases, low-flow applications, and high viscosity fluids, such as crude oil and adhesives.

“We wanted a meter that operators can walk by and tell at a glance if there are any flow problems or system upsets and if the meters is operating correctly”, says Cameron’s measurement systems division product manager John Trahan. “Some meters indicate an alphanumeric code when there are issues, forcing a user to dig out a user’s manual to decipher what it means. CamCor meters tell them what the issue is in plain English.”

Beyond featuring reliable Coriolis measurement technology that accurately calculates mass and volumetric flow rate, the CamCor meters use special algorithms to detect pipeline vibration and media pulsation to offer an advanced level of diagnostic scrutiny. This not only provides operators with a check on meter functionality, it can expose installations that may distort a meter’s accuracy because of its proximity to disruptive operational forces.

Meter self diagnostics include checks on the system’s hardware, drive coil, and transmitter connections. Analog and pulse outputs can be scaled independently and interfaced with other devices, such as SCADA systems, flow computers and sampling systems. Digital communications include HART and Modbus. The system also has a status output alarm that can be assigned to selected values (e.g., slug flow). And, as an aid to meter trouble shooting, the system’s error log is capable of recording up to 1400 entries, which can be downloaded to a CSV file.

Metering information is displayed on a large, easy to use interactive screen that uses LEDs, backlighting, colour coding, and text messaging to provide operators with instant feedback on flow meter functionality and measurement conditions: saturated output (where flow rates exceed anticipated parameters), a slug flow alarm (entrained gas fault), and other status and error messaging.

Adapted from a press release by Louise Mulhall

Published on 03/08/2015

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