Permasense releases enhanced integrity monitoring system

Permasense has launched a new product for the real-time integrity monitoring of upstream oil and gas assets. The ET210 Integrity Monitoring System delivers continuous wall thickness and temperature measurements from topside or surface equipment directly to desk, and will help improve the economics and safety of offshore operations.

Permasense’s ET210 system is engineered for safe, quick and simple online installation – the non-intrusive sensors are easily affixed to equipment with integral magnets. The technology is designed to measure metal wall thickness through external protective coatings – the integrity of the outer corrosion protection is not compromised by sensor installation.

Based on Permasense’s existing WT monitoring technology, the ET210 system delivers continuous measurements directly to desk, eliminating the costs and safety risks associated with manual inspection methods. The high quality and frequency of the data delivered offers users a real-time insight into the impact of operations – including flowrates, sand and acid levels, on equipment integrity. This information provides operators with a platform for enhanced decision-making to maximise production rates, minimise downtime, and reduce the risk of corrosion or erosion-related incidents.

“The ET210 system represents a major step forward for Permasense, offering the same quality and frequency of measurements as our leading WT range, but designed to enable easier online sensor installation in upstream environments. This is an exciting progression, with the system incorporating our proven wireless data delivery and data management software,” said Dr Peter Collins, CEO, Permasense.

Tom Fuggle, Director of Business Development, Permasense added: “In the current low oil price environment there is continued pressure for companies to reduce OPEX and increase production, and understanding equipment integrity is paramount to operational performance and safety. ET210 is a cost-effective solution that will enable users to minimise OPEX for equipment inspection and at the same time deliver real-time actionable insights into corrosion and erosion events, to maximise profitability in a safe and controlled way.”

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

Published on 07/05/2015

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