weBUCK™ electric bucking unit launched

McCoy Global Inc. today announced that it has commercially launched the next product in its "we" product line, the weBUCK™ electric bucking unit.

"Like our other "we" products, the weBUCK™ was developed to meet the safety, efficiency and technological demands of our customers, but we are particularly excited to launch the weBUCK™ as it's the first commercially available electrically powered bucking unit on the market," said Jim Rakievich, President and CEO of McCoy. "The weBUCK™ is truly a next-generation system, offering eco-friendly and highly efficient tubular make-up, as well as numerous ergonomic, safety and environmental advantages over its conventional hydraulic counterparts."

Bucking units are used by tubular manufacturers to test connections by applying torque to loosen/ tighten tubulars horizontally. The electrically powered weBUCK™ system does not require hydraulic clamps or filters, reducing maintenance requirements and the potential for leakage, with noise emissions that are well below the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's exposure limits. The weBUCK™ is a closed-head unit designed for superior performance, control and ergonomics.

Adapted from press release by Joe Green

Published on 14/01/2015

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