ICCNexergy: Seismic Solution SS-18 Battery

Our Seismic Solution SS-18 Battery is a rugged outdoor product that operates effectively in the extreme environmental conditions of the geophysical exploration market. It is an ideal battery for powering wireless nodes, particularly as a direct replacement for applications currently using 12V Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. Compared to traditional SLA batteries, the SS-18 Li-Ion Battery provides a longer runtime, faster charge time, consistent power output, smaller size and much longer service life.

The SS-18 has a built-in 16 Volt charger with LED charge level indication and smart battery functions including I.C communication protocol and fuel gauging. It can be charged by mating ICCNexergy’s IP22 rated seismic power supply or any available power supply with the appropriate input voltage range.

 Key features:

  • Lithium-Ion cell technology provides a longer cycle life and lighter weight solution over traditional Sealed Lead Acid batteries (>1000 discharge cycles at the weight of SLA).
  • Rugged, high impact, outdoor design.
  • IP68 rated for limited submersion.
  • Smart Battery Technology: I.C communication protocol and fuel gauging.
  • Built-in 16V charger with in-pack charge control for LED charge level indication and end-of-capacity indication.
  • Interchangeable connector system, hanging eyelet and strain relief cable.
  • Extreme temperature performance (-40°C to +70°C*).
  • UN38.3 certification (Copy available upon request)


  • ICCNexergy’s seismic battery packs, chargers and power supplies deliver a safe, highly reliable, robust, longer-life solution. We are experienced and prepared to satisfy your seismic power needs.
  • ICCNexergy understands that selecting the proper cell for your battery pack design is one of the most critical aspects affecting performance and quality. We source our cells from the highest quality manufacturers and implement rigorous testing qualifications.
  • ICCNexergy provides the latest cell technology along with in-depth specification and performance knowledge.
  • We understand the latest UN DOT transportation requirements.
  • Our In-House Mechanical Design and Tooling Centers ensure batteries, chargers and power supplies are safe and purpose-built for Seismic Recording Systems.
  • We offer Smart Battery Technology options, including our patented Virtual Voltage Termination and In-Pack Charge Control.
  • The company's understanding of the interdependency between the power supply, battery pack and charger enables us to develop a single rechargeable power system that maximises run-time and cycle life. By leveraging the latest technologies, our Total System Approach reduces complexity and allows our customers to focus on what they do best.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 18/02/2015

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