NUTECH adds XRF technology to POROLABS

NUTECH, one of the world's leading companies in petrophysical analysis and reservoir intelligence, has added new X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technologies to its proprietary POROLABS™ core analysis solutions for identifying the characteristics and composition of rock to confirm the mineralogy of the strata.

This new technology is a quick and affordable approach for measuring and analysing major trace elements of host rocks including cuttings, core and outcrop. The XRF machine provides a complete analysis of reservoir rock composition data and lateral well sections to enable full comprehension of the hydrocarbon potential of the strata. In addition to providing a full analysis of the mineralogy and lithology of the well, insight provided by this technology can also be used for optimising proper frack spacing and targeting the well location within the stratigraphic column.

The XRF analysis solution uses high energy x-rays or gamma rays to reflect and filter chemical components of the rock to scan for elements which are then reviewed and included in an algorithm to predict the mineralogy and lithology of the well. Measuring elements within the drill cuttings to determine properties of quartz, limestone, clay and other elements can determine where the laterals are located within the strata, thus identifying what part of the lateral to complete during the drilling process.

“We are excited to announce the addition of this new technology to our POROLABS core analysis solutions,” said Allen Howard, president and CEO, NUTECH. “As a company, our goal is to drive hydrocarbon reserves for our customers in order to maximise value and minimise risk at every turn. By combining services such as XRF analysis technology with our NUSTIM completion process, we can provide our clients with the data needed to tailor completion by predicting well behavior, strengthening our comprehensive line of reservoir analysis services.”

The XRF technologies are applicable for use in petrophysical characterisation, geochemical assessments and geological analyses conducted under NUTECH’s POROLABS core analysis services. The POROLABS core analysis process specialises in the characterisation of porosity and pore throats, mineralogy and the organic richness of oil and gas reserves to determine oil and gas potential.

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 18/06/2015

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