Ruslan International delivers outsize oil and gas equipment

Ruslan International has transported extremely heavy oil and gas equipment from Milan, Italy to Qindao, China, once again showing its ability to move huge cargoes across the world at speed.

MP Holland, a freight forwarder based in the Netherlands, needed to move over 100 tons of cargo to Penglai Jutal Offshore Engineering Heavy Ind., Co. Ltd. The sheer weight of the load, as well as the short timescales involved, demanded specialist aircraft for the job. Since MP Holland had worked with Ruslan International before, it knew that one of the company’s 17-strong fleet of AN-124-100 aircraft would be the only option for a lift of this size.

Loading the cargo onto the aircraft at Malpensa airport was a sizeable task. The consignment included two 31 200 kg crates, which meant external loading cranes, specially designed for loading heavy cargo, were required to move them on and off the AN124-100.

Alexander Gerasimov, Sales Executive on behalf of Ruslan International, said, “Cargoes of this size require specialist aircraft - only the AN124-100 is capable of moving such vast loads. Ruslan International’s strength is getting unwieldy items from A to B intact, providing the expertise and equipment to complete difficult briefs quickly and efficiently. Our success in meeting MP Holland’s brief really demonstrates Ruslan International’s credentials as leaders in heavy and outsize air cargo.”

Sander Rothert, operations director and co-owner of MP Holland, said, “We are delighted that we were able to complete this mission in spite of challenges posed by the weight of the cargo, as well as time restrictions. Ruslan International really is the ideal carrier for a load of this type, and we are very grateful for their efficiency and professionalism throughout.”

Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

Published on 24/06/2015

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