Dual tensioner capability overview

Aquatic, an Acteon company, continues to build a strong global reputation for its ability to lay and retrieve flexible and semi-rigid product on the seabed.

Challenged with delivering at least an 85 t line pull, the in-house engineering team’s innovative solution was to run two ‘best in class’ 50Te units in tandem. As the two tensioners are identical, the unit weight and product diameter remain the same. Although a dual tensioner system takes up more deck space, it does offer low load per unit length, which is a significant advantage, allowing comfortable operation in much deeper waters. The dual tensioners are controlled by a manifold; this balances the pressure of the hydraulic fluid supplied to both tensioners, meaning they speed up, move, and slow down, together as one. A bespoke control cabin was developed to simultaneously allow the real-time monitoring and control of the system parameters, of both machines.

The dual tensioner option gives customers the flexibility to run the combined tensioners either as individual units or in tandem when a greater line pull capability is required.

Alongside the 50Te four track tensioners, Aquatic has a complementary range of two track tensioners available, for smaller product diameters, varying line pull and track squeeze - at Aquatic we have an equipment solution to suit all project requirements.

Edited from various sources by Joseph Green

Published on 25/03/2015

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