J2 Subsea launches wireless 7 Function rate manipulator control system

J2 Subsea, an Acteon company, has launched an Xbox 360® wireless controller for a field-proven intelligent valve pack (iVP). Offered exclusively by J2, the Windows®- based custom-built control software and gaming controller will improve operator training and ease maintenance activities on the iVP.

The software and controller were developed by J2 with Fathom Systems, which provides engineering solutions and products to the underwater engineering industry. The software is the first available for this type of manipulator system. It supports the long-established, eight-station proportional iVP, which is based on standard valves and fulfils all hydraulic control requirements, including complex tooling skids, tracked vehicles and manipulator arms.

J2 and Fathom Systems worked closely together to develop the software and performed field trials for a year with a large ROV operator to prove the product ahead of its launch. During the testing phase, the ROV operator explained how easy the system was to use, how quickly the operators became familiar with the controls and highlighted how much was saved in repairs compared to the more expensive manipulator package.

John Walker, director at J2 Subsea, said, “This software and controller, alongside the manipulator, will reduce capital costs significantly, offer enhanced safety features, ease operator training and maintenance work, and ultimately save our customers money.”

The software is supplied preinstalled on a laptop PC with an Xbox 360® wireless controller or wired joystick control, a fully comprehensive spares kit and an intelligent pressure compensator in a closed cell foam flight case.

Adapted from press release by Joseph Green

Published on 25/03/2015

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