Standardised QMS software solution supports oil and gas service company

Expro demonstrates how implementing a standardised QMS software solution – Insight – introduces smarter working and enhances the benefits to clients due to increased efficiency, standardised procedures and robust governance across a global network.


Expro’s growth has been through strategic acquisition however with that the business had several management systems with their own registration to industry or international standards.

The internal QMS software solution was standardised with the implementation of Insight, which had the following project objectives:

  • Design a global IT solution in relation to quality management.
  • Align all company documentation and remove duplication.
  • Introduce a visual process mapping solution to the organisation.
  • Ensure document management is efficient and the governance process is robust.
  • Bring all regions, product lines and functions into the quality management system, ensuring a cohesive approach to the management of quality.
  • Provide a platform with which to achieve API Q2 certification globally.


Key features

  • Easy to use search facility to find required documents within three clicks.
  • Fully incorporated document change request process.
  • Standardised global documentation.
  • Process mapping capability – RACI tool to ensure every person in the process has clarity on their involvement.
  • Document pack facility – a grouping of document for a given job or purpose.
  • Document relationship tool - establishing relationships between documents to ensure the impact of change is fully realised and managed.
  • A ‘favourites’ tool, which allows everyone to find the documents most relevant to them.
  • A single location for all documentation related to Expro’s processes and procedures.


Business benefits

  • Reduction in the total number of documents managed within the organisation.
  • Local and regional documentation has been replaced with centrally controlled, group-wide standards - ensuring clients receive the same high-quality products and services every time.
  • All documentation is in a single, globally accessible system – a one-stop-shop.
  • A robust change management, review and approval framework.


Edited for web by Cecilia Rehn


Published on 15/04/2015

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