NOC to host awards ceremony at the 4th New Libya Oil and Gas Forum

Libyan National Oil Corp (NOC) is to host an awards ceremony to thank their partners who have helped develop the Libyan oil and gas industry over the years. NOC will host the event on the first day of the 4th New Libya Oil and Gas Forum.

Mustafa Sanalla will give award the NOC Appreciation Award and the Outstanding Lifetime Partnership Award to international oil companies.

At the Forum, the NOC will discuss details regarding reproduction, new projects, regulations, fiscal regime, petrochemicals, security and future business opportunities. Sessions focusing on ‘Physical Security and Risk Management in Libya’ and ‘Relevant oil and gas regulations and petroleum law in Libya’ will also be run at the forum.

Libya holds 3.4% of oil and 1.7% of the world’s total gas – the highest volume in Africa according to the US Energy Administration and GeoExPro reports, and the equivalent of 46.6 billion bbls of oil and 54.7 trillion ft3 of gas.

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Published on 24/08/2015

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