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Bapco Refinery uses GE’s Mobile Water Solutions

“GE’s mobile water solutions enabled Bapco to convert seawater into high-purity boiler feedwater for refinery use," said Yousif Ahmed, Acting Manager, Power and Utilities, Bapco.


KBC acquires equipment from PPE

KBC has acquired ebullated-bed kinetic reactor model technology from Princeton Process Engineers (PPE).

Chevron CEO John Watson steps down

Chevron Corp. CEO John Watson will step down by the end of next month and likely be replaced by Vice Chairman Mike Wirth.

More Refining news

Petrotechnics launches OE Index 2017

Now in its second year, the survey assesses how global trends, from the oil price to digitalisation, influence industry attitudes towards OE.

BCCK Holding welcomes Matt Amilian

BCCK Holding Co. has appointed Matt Amilian as director of business development to support company growth in the Oklahoma, Appalachian and Rocky Mountain regions.

Opportunity amidst chaos

Various reports estimate that roughly half a million workers have been laid off in the downturn and many of the retained employees have taken salary cuts.