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Enlit Asia Summit 2020

Enlit Asia Summit 2020

22 September 2020 - 24 September 2020


The Enlit Asia Summit will span over 3 days, offering content that will provide strategic insights and end-to-end solutions across the entire power value chain.

The summit will provide a platform from which senior members of the ASEAN power sector can debate and discuss critical strategic issues impacting the industry. Issues of policy direction, regulation, financing, markets and adapting business models are likely to be at the fore regardless of whether the focus is from the generation, trading, power delivery or customer side.

The free-to-attend ‘Knowledge Hubs’ will maintain Enlit’s position as the go-to event for innovation updates, technical insights, product showcases and practical case studies helping to transform the entire energy landscape.

Enlit Asia Summit topics will include:

  1. The Evolving Energy Landscape
  2. Regulatory & Policy Updates
  3. Country Briefings
  4. ASEAN’s Renewable Energy Future
  5. AMI & Data Analytics
  6. Gas & LNG to Power
  7. Transmission & Distribution
  8. Financing ASEAN’s Power Development
  9. Increasing Customer Engagement
  10. Ensuring Coal’s Future in ASEAN’s Energy Mix