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Pipeline change: from gas to oil

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Large scale projects typically involve many stakeholders, contractors and suppliers, which can lead to increased complexity and more challenging situations. Delivering such projects on time and within budget requires considerable coordination and management skills; traits that one US energy company needed in order to complete its most recent expansion project.

The delivery of such a complex project required in depth planning to ensure it would be both cost effective and delivered on time. Careful coordination of both internal and external suppliers was essential to keep the work on track. Above all, it was the flexibility of the team that would enable the successful completion of this crucial project.

Dana Vilsack continues: “This was one of the most organised and cooperative projects I have been a part of. The collaboration between the divisions of Sulzer along with the external partners, the supportive leadership and the display of outstanding teamwork resulted in a synergy few can match and made for a very happy customer.”

Hard work, dedication and the ability to adapt to an ever-changing schedule were just a few of the many traits that the Sulzer team exhibited throughout the duration of this project. In fact, the collaboration between the Sulzer team and the client’s many representatives proved to be successful, allowing everyone to concentrate on their core responsibilities. This included Sulzer’s on-site teams helping with the alignment of both the skids and the associated pipework, ensuring that it was installed with minimal strain on the pipes.

Turnkey delivery

The success of the project started at the top with the decision by Sulzer’s project manager to work on-site rather than in one of the remote company offices. In this way, he was able to deal directly with all the interested parties and provide a more hands-on management of the project. This also helped to maintain momentum within the project and ensured that all the milestones were met. The greatest challenge in a project of this scale is the logistical effort required to build and install all the pumps in a way that is carefully coordinated with the build schedule of the pumping stations themselves. With so many other contractors involved with the construction of the buildings and the installation of the pipework, effective project management was essential for the timely completion of the scheme.

As a project for Sulzer, it involved almost every aspect of their business. From the engineers who designed the new pumps, to the manufacturing sites that produced and tested every pump to the field service teams and electromechancial engineers who provided support to the installation teams.

Thanks to Sulzer’s collaborative approach and proactive management, the project was delivered on time and within budget, with all of the pump skids commissioned and operating successfully. The client was very grateful to find that it was possible to deliver such a demanding project successfully. 

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