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Pipeline Contractors’ Directory (part 2)

Energy Global,

Welcome to Part Two of Energy Global’s Pipeline Contractors’ Directory: a condensed version of the annual report of oil and gas pipeline engineering contractors all over the world published in full in the August 2013 issue of World Pipelines (available for subscribers to download here).

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Established in 1951 by John Murphy, J. Murphy & Sons Limited is a leading civil engineering and building company and now an international multi-disciplined design and build construction company with a turnover of £635 million.

The Process Energy and Pipelines business unit provides innovative, safe and sustainable solutions to the most complex industry challenges as well as delivering value.

In 2013, Murphy was presented with the prestigious Company of the Year and Safety Awards at the IGEM/EUA Gas Industry Awards in recognition of the ability of the company to develop, adapt and deliver customer expectations and with repeat business underpinning sustained growth.

Key projects include the design and construction of process plants, compressor stations and major above ground installations as well as high pressure welded steel pipelines in both cross-country and urban environments.

Recent schemes include:

  • Design and construction of the 107 km x 1220 mm Brecon-Tirley gas pipeline, a key section of the Milford Haven link to the existing transmission system to import LNG.
  • Design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of Tirley Pressure Reduction Installation (PRI), the largest PRI in the UK on behalf of National Grid as the final element in the Milford Haven to Gloucester gas transmission pipeline system.
  • Design and build of the first dockside regasification port in the UK for the arrival of the first LNG cargo at Teeside GasPort.
  • Three year framework for Wales & West Utilities to upgrade and refurbish live Above Ground Installations (AGIs) across Wales.
  • Murphy Pipe & Civil in Australia has been contracted by Queensland Gas Company (QGC) to install 3000 km of its network of single and dual 160 - 450 mm HDPE pipelines as part of their QCLNG upstream gas gathering project.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Horizontal Directional Drilling; Compressor Stations; Welding; Feasibility Studies; Terminals; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

With more than 40 years of experience, today Koop Watermanagement is a worldwide player and market leader in the Benelux countries for dewatering activities. With a staff of 160 employees over seven subsidiaries, the company is providing its dewatering services for large pipeline projects, as well as for the civil and construction industry, in a range from soil boring and deep drainage to well-point dewatering and the purification of groundwater. Over the last 10 years and on a worldwide basis, more than 2500 km of pipelines up to 56 in. have been dewatered.

Some recent projects where Koop Watermanagement’s services were required are listed below:

  • Dewatering for the construction of the 63 km Achim-Hittbergen DN 1400 NEL gas pipeline, for client EON Ruhrgas. The project was carried out in 2012, in Germany.
  • Dewatering for the construction of the Diepholts-Achim 62 km DN 1400 NEL gas pipeline for client Wingas. The project was carried out in 2012, in Germany.
  • Dewatering for the construction of the Ellund-Egtveld 94 km DN 1200 gas pipeline for client The project was carried out in 2012, in Denmark.
  • Ongoing dewatering services for the construction of the Beverwijk-Wijngaarden 90 km DN 1200 gas pipeline for client Gasunie in the Netherlands.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Compressor Stations; Terminals; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Established in 1954, KVV is an experienced pipeline contractor in Hungary and in the Central European Region.

The company’s professional areas include construction activity in the oil and gas industry; crude oil and natural gas cross-country pipelines and accessories; DN25 - DN1400; crossings, HD, HDD, open-cut method; diagnostic tests and rehabilitation of pipelines; and cathodic corrosion protection systems.

KVV is capable of carrying out over 200 km of large diameter pipeline installation per year. Its four independent construction sites come fully equipped with modernised equipment pools to install pipelines up to NPS 56 in. The company can also perform manual, mechanised and automatic welding with successful daily progress rates and welding quality.

Some ongoing pipeline projects include:

  • Client: P.R.I. POL-AQUA S.A., Poland. Project: Swinoujscie-Szczecin Gas Pipeline.
  • Client: ZRUG Sp. zo.o., Poland. Project: Gustorzyn-Odolanów Gas Pipeline.
  • Client: ZRUG Sp. zo.o., Poland. Project: Szczecin-Lwówek Gas Pipeline.
  • Client: OTF Hungary. Project: Vecsés-State Border of Hungary/Slovakia Gas Pipeline.

Recently completed pipeline projects include:

  • Client: MOL FGSZ, Hungary. Project: Algyo-Nagylak Gas Pipeline.
  • Client: OTF/MOL FGSZ, Hungary. Project: Városföld-Drávaszerdahely Gas Pipeline.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Horizontal Directional Drilling; Compressor Stations; Welding; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Land & Marine has been serving the oil, gas, and water sectors for the last six decades. During May 2013 Land & Marine Engineering Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary of J. Murphy & Sons Limited, a large privately owned and diverse construction company established in 1951.

Land & Marine is well known internationally for the construction and installation of marine pipelines, landfalls and crossings, SPMs and PLEMs, intakes and outfalls and the provision of consultancy services, FEED and conceptual design studies. The company specialises in inshore and shallow water areas with many hundreds of pipelines having been successfully installed. The company owns and operates barges and a fleet of winches and marine pipeline handling equipment including conveyor rollers, bogies and sheave blocks.

Having such a wealth of experience and technical know-how helps the company to develop optimum solutions, even for the most challenging projects. Land & Marine’s services complement the Murphy experience in the process energy and pipeline sectors allowing complete design and construction solutions to be delivered cost-effectively.

May 2013 saw the first tanker load of crude oil offloaded through an SPM via a new PLEM and pipeline installed by Land & Marine. Working in conjunction with a local JV partner, the project included the pull offshore into the Mediterranean of a 3 km long 32 in. pipeline, stabilisation of the exposed offshore end using concrete blocks and post-trenching of the inshore section.

In 2012, Land & Marine completed its fifth landfall project at Easington in East Yorkshire. The pull ashore of a 16 in. and 3 in. pipeline for Centrica’s York project is described in a case study included in the February 2013 issue of World Pipelines.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Horizontal Directional Drilling; Compressor Stations; Welding; Feasibility Studies; Terminals; Research & Development; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Ledcor is experienced in the construction of 2 - 60 in. pipelines including mainline cross-country construction utilising mechanised or manual welding methods in a variety of geographic terrains.

In addition to new construction service, Ledcor also actively performs pipeline maintenance and integrity investigations in numerous provinces and territories within Canada. In one of their recent and more challenging projects, Ledcor was contracted to complete pipeline integrity digs in the Northwest Territories. The scope of work included building access into numerous remote sites to excavate the existing pipeline, remove the existing coating, support third party inspection of the pipeline indications, weld on half shell sleeves as required, re-coat and backfill the pipeline.

Project challenges included: mobilising and setting up two temporary camps to house a 250 person workforce; significant driving distance (often in excess of 200 km) on winter roads; using helicopters to transport workers to site to reduce travelling time and maximise hours of work during the day to meet the tight construction schedule; limited cellular and internet availability; digging in permafrost; dealing with significant ground water; and cold temperatures reaching below -40 °C.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Horizontal Directional Drilling; Welding; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Michels Corporation is a diverse utility contractor, and an industry leader in pipeline construction and horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Founded in 1959 as a gas pipeline contractor, Michels specialises in building mainline cross-country pipelines for oil and gas transmission systems, as well as fabricating and constructing meter stations and compressor stations, hydrostatic testing, and pipeline rehabilitation, maintenance and repair.

Michels is regarded as one of the main HDD contractors in the world, specialising in drills ranging in diameter from 2 - 60 in., and up to 15 700 ft in length through any subsurface condition.

Michels has constructed some of the most significant pipeline projects in recent history. The company’s portfolio of experience includes TransCanada’s Gulf Coast Pipeline, Kinder Morgan’s Northeast Upgrade Project, Shell’s Appalachian Pipeline, Enbridge’s Bakken Expansion, Energy Transfer’s Tiger Pipeline, TransCanada’s Keystone Project, Kinder Morgan’s Rockies Express (REX) Project and Enbridge’s Alberta Clipper including Southern Access and Southern Lights.

In addition, Michels counts Energy Transfer, Antero and Penn Valley Resources as key customers. Michels has evolved to be a predominate contractor in the shale plays of Marcellus, Utica, Bakken, Eagle Ford, Acadian, Haynesville, and is pursing new shale plays as they develop. The company’s resume boasts more than 10 000 miles of pipelines installed and in sizes of up to 42 in.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Horizontal Directional Drilling; Compressor Stations; Finance, Strategy & Analysis; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

PWT is one of the leading companies in the automatic welding for onshore pipeline construction sector. The head office is based in Guardamiglio (Italy) and is a division of Illinois Tools Works Inc. (ITW).

In 2011, PWT became an ITW company. This merger allowed PWT to become a part of one of the largest and respected companies in the world. As a result, PWT remains the same dedicated company which endeavours to help its clients successfully achieve their project goals; but today, the company has more opportunities to continue growing and securing key projects for the future, thanks to the support of ITW.

PWT has been involved in countless projects across the globe. A few major examples are listed below.

Completed 2012 - 2013:

  • UAE Gasco Habshan-Ruwais-Shuweihat Gas Pipeline: Sale and rental of automatic welding equipment and ancillaries for this 52 in., 17 mm, X65, 130 km pipeline.
  • UAE ADNOC Oil Pipeline Project: 28 in., 11 mm, X65, 300 km. Rental of a full spread PWT welding equipment and ancillaries for 25 000 joints to be welded in the Gulf desert.

Ongoing projects:

  • West Qurna South Oil Company, Ministry of Oil/ Basra Onshore Export Pipeline: Sale of automatic welding equipment for the 42 in., 17 mm, X60, 170 km pipeline.
  • Kazakhstan Gas Pipeline Project: 48 in., X80, 560 km. A challenging project across the south of Kazakhstan.
  • Zarza de Tayo-Yela Gas Pipeline Project in Spain: 30 in., X70, 90 km. Rental and sale of PWT equipment for this European project in the area of Madrid.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines and Welding

The Punj Lloyd Group is a diversified international conglomerate offering EPC services in the energy sectors.

The Group’s key strengths are its varied experience, rich knowledge of local conditions, high standards of health, safety, quality and environment, accolades and recognition from industry bodies and clients, its ability to manage operations in diverse industries and economies. The huge fleet of equipment including 29 spreads of pipeline equipment and four pipelay barges also give the company an edge over its competitors.

Following are the ongoing oil and gas pipeline projects being carried out by Punj Lloyd:

  • Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipeline for client Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd. The scope of work includes engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of 36 in., 521 km gas pipeline from Kimanis, Sabah to Bintulu, Sarawak.
  • Composite work for laying of onshore and offshore pipeline for client Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd/Engineers India Ltd. The scope of work includes installation of 10 in., 18 km pipeline from BPCL Refinery to Uran Bottling Plant and a 12 km offshore pipeline from LFP-1 to LFP- 2.
  • Submarine Pipeline for Deen Dayal Field Development Project for GSPC’s KG-OSN-2001/3 Exploration Block off the east coast of India for client Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited. The scope of work includes residual/detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of: 20 in., 24.5 km (21.5 km subsea and 3 km onshore section) multi-phase pipeline; and 24.5 km of optical fibre cabling (21.5 km subsea and 3 km onshore section).
  • EPC of tie-in work at SE for client Abu Dhabi Company for onshore oil operations. The scope of work includes engineering, procurement and construction of 750 km flowlines and 160 wellhead tie-ins in Asab, Sahil and Shah areas.
  • Fourth Transmission Pipeline for client PTT Public Company Ltd. The scope of work includes detailed engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of (42 in.) 294 km onshore gas pipeline.
  • Offsite pipelines for Yanbu Export Refinery for client Saudi Aramco Oil Company. The scope of work includes engineering, procurement and construction of: 30 in., 6.75 km above ground crude oil pipeline; 6 in., 4.5 km above ground butane pipeline; 12/24/36 in., 2 km pipeline for various hydrocarbons; and 6/16/20 in. utility pipeline for process/potable water, sewer and fuel gas supply.
  • Myanmar-China Oil and Gas Pipeline for client South-East Asia Crude Oil Pipeline Company Ltd. The scope of work includes detailed engineering, laying of 40 in., 205 km oil pipeline and 32 in., 183 km gas pipeline from south Myanmar to chainage. The project includes a 5.56 km offshore portion.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Horizontal Directional Drilling; Compressor Stations; Terminals; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Radyne Offshore, a member of the Inductotherm Group of companies, designs, manufactures and installs a versatile series of induction heating systems specifically used for field joint processing in pipelaying applications. An area of particular interest is the new MERLIN Heat & Coat System, which facilitates simultaneous heating and coating of field joints, allowing for a greatly reduced joint processing cycle. Radyne Offshore also provides a range of clam shell induction systems for various field joint heat treatment processes including pre-heat for shrink sleeve application, pre/post-weld heat treatment and pipe end heating systems.

Radyne Offshore has been involved in the following pipeline projects through supplying field joint heating and coating processing systems, pre-heat for welding and post-weld heat treatment equipment. Full on-board installation, technical support and equipment training is provided:

  • Bluestream.
  • Medgaz.
  • Guara Lula.
  • Liwan.
  • Angola Block 31.
  • Ormen Lange.
  • Cameron Highway.
  • Thunderhorse.
  • Mardi Gras.
  • Nord Stream.
  • Perdito Norte.
  • Pluto LNG.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines and Offshore Pipelines

S.A.L.P. SPA can be considered among the major Italian pipeline construction companies. In Italy it is qualified and certified by the major gas networks Snam Rete Gas (SRG), eni and Società Gasdotti Italia (SGI), as having technical and management capability to perform high pressure pipeline construction.

The know-how and capability, together with the large quantity of up-to-date technological equipment enables the company to execute projects of high complexity, requiring timely delivery and best quality.

The company has installed some 30 - 48 in. lines in sections of the Italian gas transportation system. This Summer, it will start the activities for the realisation of a section of the greatest SRG’s gas pipeline in the north of Italy, precisely the Zimella-Cervignano gas pipeline; DN 1400 (56 in.), 75 bar and Lot 1 is 45 678 km in length. The entire length of above mentioned project is 180 859 km and it is split in more Lots (1, 2, 3 and 4).

With a continuous commitment to innovation, the company develops and successfully tests advanced automatic welding system for pipelines that allows for higher production and lower repair rates. For two years SALP and eni – G&P Division have carried out a case study to apply hybrid laser arc welding (HLAW) technology to the construction of oil and gas pipelines; most likely there will be a sequel to field application.

S.A.L.P. is an experienced company for maintenance activities concerning live gas and oil pipelines and related ancillary installations. In April 2013 it obtained an open contract by eni to carry out the maintenance and revamping of onshore pipelines and facilities in the south of Italy (Val d’Agri oilfield).

With regard to realisation of overseas projects, at the moment S.A.L.P. is engaged in Bulgaria on the Bulgartransgaz project: construction of the DN 350 (14 in.), 79 190 km Dobrich-Silistra high pressure main pipeline and AGRS Silistra.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Compressor Stations; Welding; Research & Development; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Saipem is a leader in the provision of engineering, procurement, project management and construction services with distinctive capabilities in the design and execution of large-scale offshore and onshore projects, and technological competences such as gas monetisation and heavy oil exploitation. Saipem is organised into two business units: Engineering & Construction and Drilling, with a strong bias towards oil and gas related activities in remote areas and deepwater.

Two examples of recent projects highlight the company’s diverse and trusted capabilities:

  • Gas export pipeline on the Ichthys LNG project – Australia: The Ichthys project is expected to produce 8.4 million tpy of LNG and 1.6 million tpy of LPG, along with approximately 100 000 bpd of condensate at peak. Gas from the Ichthys Field, in the Browse Basin, approximately 200 km offshore of Western Australia, will undergo preliminary processing offshore to remove water and extract condensate, prior to the longest trunkline ever laid in Asia Pacific. Saipem’s scope of work, under an EPIC contract, consists in the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of a 889 km, 42 in. subsea pipeline, in water depths of up to 275 m, connecting the offshore central processing facility to the onshore processing facility in Darwin. Offshore activities will be carried out by the new Castorone pipelaying vessel, while the recently upgraded Semac 1 pipelay barge will be employed for the shallow water section.
  • Gbaran Ubie IOGP pipelines, flowlines and intersites cables – Nigeria: Engineering, procurement and construction of a 310 km pipelines/flowlines system connecting the six main oil and gas fields to the Central Processing Facilities Terminal located on the left bank of the Nun River. The construction methods and trenching activities were heavily influenced by local requirements: particular methodologies for swamps/marshes, tropical vegetation and river crossings.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Horizontal Directional Drilling; Compressor Stations; Welding; Finance, Strategy & Analysis; Feasibility Studies; Terminals; Research & Development; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Seal for Life Industries, part of the Berry Plastics Corporation, is a company engaged in preventing corrosion, insulation and water issues. The Seal for Life group of companies is comprised of Anodeflex Cathodic Protection, STOPAQ Visco-Elastic Solutions, Polyken Pipeline Tape, Powercrete Liquid Coatings and Covalence Heat Shrinkable Solutions. It is a partner with six manufacturing plants and eight service offices all over the world.

Seal for Life stands for sustainable solutions based on seven technologies including casing filler and swellable water leak stoppage. Although the company operates on a global scale and is often engaged in complex and fascinating challenges in the field of corrosion prevention, insulation and sealing against water ingress, it greatly values having a trustworthy, personal partnership with its clients. The words ‘seal for life’ apply not only to the solutions on offer, but also to the relationships cultivated.

A few recent projects include:

  • Offshore joint protection on the Wasit Project for Saipem and Saudi Aramco.
  • Solutions for 24 ft risers on an offshore platform for Pemex in Mexico.
  • Subsea coating services provided for a district heating transport pipeline under the Ijmeer lake, close to Amsterdam, for client NUON.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Horizontal Directional Drilling; Compressor Stations; Feasibility Studies; Terminals; Research & Development; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Serimax is a full service welding company offering premium integrated welding and fabrication solutions for land and subsea projects. The company tailors its solutions to clients’ specific project needs, providing the most appropriate technology and specialised personnel who work safely and efficiently, to ensure client requirements are met and exceeded on the world’s most challenging projects.

Serimax is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Vallourec Group, a world leader in premium tubular solutions primarily serving the energy markets. With over 23 000 employees, integrated manufacturing facilities in more than 20 countries and advanced R&D, Vallourec offers its customers innovative global solutions to meet the energy challenges of the 21st Century.

By combining expertise in tubular products and welding, Vallourec Group is able to propose global solutions for the oil, gas and energy segments of the Group’s markets. From provision and delivery of line or process pipe to the final welded, inspected and coated joint, including all the project and operational management interfaces in between, Vallourec and Serimax can offer full turnkey project solutions in support of strategic projects.

Major projects in 2012 include:

  • CLOV, Angola: Serimax was contracted to perform welding services on Subsea 7’s J-lay vessel, Borealis. Full range of tubular solutions were provided by Vallourec Group.
  • Jubilee Phase 1A, Ghana: Technip contracted Serimax for this full service S-lay project, to provide welding, NDT and field joint coating.
  • Nexen Golden Eagle, UK: Serving Technip’s spoolbase with welding, NDT and field joint coating for pipe-in-pipe.
  • GUMUSUT, Malaysia: S-lay, double jointing and J-lay. Welding services for flowlines and SCR for SapuraAcergy.
  • Keystone XL, USA: Contracted by Michels, Serimax provided automatic welding services; 23 900 welds to be completed on 36 in. pipe.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Welding; Research & Development

ShawCor is a growth oriented, global energy services company specialising in technology-based products and services for the pipeline and petrochemical sectors, as well as other industrial markets.

ShawCor’s divisions provide the industry a diversified portfolio of products and services for pipelines and tubular applications: pipeline coatings, field joint protection, flexible composite pipe, weld inspection services, tubular management services, specialised wires and cables, and heat shrink products.

As part of its execution mandate, ShawCor has started executing more than US$ 1 billion in pipe coating contracts awarded during 2011 - 2012. These contracts include major projects such as Jack St Malo in the Gulf of Mexico, Ichthys LNG, Wheatstone and Julimar in Australia, Zawtika offshore Myanmar, and Barzan in Qatar. Some of the company’s divisions, such as Flexpipe Systems, have recently added manufacturing capacity to keep pace with demand in North America and strong sales growth in Australia, Latin America, and other regional markets.

Technological innovation is another key aspect of the company’s growth mandate. ShawCor employs a dedicated R&D team of more than 50 engineers and scientists. The results of their work are shown by the more than 240 active patents covering new products and process technologies. As an example, ShawCor’s Mobile Robotic Cutback System was one of the 15 technologies that received a 2013 Spotlight on New Technology Award from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). The award shows ShawCor’s continuous commitment to innovation and builds on the precedent created by the Thermotite® ULTRA™ novel thermal insulation coating and the Simulated Service Vessel (SSV), which were awarded OTC Spotlight on New Technology Awards in 2010 and 2012.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Research & Development; Pipeline Rehabilitation

SICIM S.p.A. has been one of the top pipeline contractors since 1962. From operating as a contractor, mainly for Snam Rete Gas in Italy, it has become a global player offering general services such as project management, engineering, commissioning and start-up for oil and gas pipelines, as well as production and treatment plants.

During its 50 years in business, SICIM has installed over 9000 km of pipelines and 23 000 t of plant piping and structural steel.

The company’s headquarters in Busseto, near Parma, are the nerve centre of a global network of offices, projects and contracts. The company co-ordinates work at project offices in Spain, France, Ireland, UK, Germany, Libya, Congo, Cameroon, Angola, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Mexico, Colombia and Peru, as well as throughout Italy.

SICIM has recently completed the construction of:

  • Projet Artère du Bearn (EPC Ligne). Lot: Lacq-Lussagnet, 57 km, DN 32 in. for TGIF, France.
  • 64.6 km, DN 32 and 40 in. for the Tivissa-Paterna Gas Pipeline, Section 3 (South), on behalf of Enagas in Spain.
  • 136 km, DN 56 in. pipeline in Germany for Wingas.
  • 306 km, DN 30 in. Manzanillo Guadalajara Gas Pipeline for Energia Occidente de Mexico (TransCanada) in Mexico.
  • Kashagan Experimental Programme Project. Construction of the underground piping system in the gas, sulphur and slug catcher areas of the main plant, for AgipKCO, Kazakhstan.
  • Procurement, construction and installation activities with optional engineering within M’Boundi Oil Centre related to the Phase 1 of Gas Valorisation Project & EPC for the new gas gathering network and its connections at the 10 in. pipeline related to Phase 2, on behalf of Eni Congo SA, Congo.

Works in progress include:

  • Various construction services in Kazakhstan for TCO and AgipKCO.
  • Construction and installation activities on several contracts for gas and oil production for Eni Congo at the Eni field of M’Boundi.
  • Lom Pangar Pipeline Modification Project. 26.2 km, DN 30 in. Client: COTCO, Cameroon.
  • First section of the Oleoducto Bicentenario de Colombia (ObC): the 230 km, 42 in. Araguaney-Banadia section.
  • EPC pipelines Installation for the Zubair Oil Field Project in Iraq.
  • 831 km, DN 30/36 in. Sonora Pipeline Corridor.Sonora (Sasabe-Guaymas)/Sinaloa (Guaymas-El Oro), Mexico.
  • 230 km, DN 30/36 in. Tamazunchale Pipeline, Phase 2, Mexico.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Compressor Stations; Welding; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

For nearly 80 years, Stanley CRC-Evans has solidified its position as a pioneer in the field of pipeline construction, welding and field jointing coating. Since 1933, the company has created specialised equipment that has helped to increase productivity and reduce the construction costs for its customers. Today, Stanley CRC-Evans is one of the industry’s largest manufacturers of specialised pipeline construction and automatic welding equipment, employing the talent and experience of technicians and engineers the world over and with a large fleet to support its customer base.

Equipment offerings range from pipe bending machines to pipe handling and support equipment, and from pipe facing and bevelling machines to internal line-up clamps. Stanley CRC-Evans has provided equipment and services for almost 50 000 miles (nearly 80 000 km) of pipelines in more than 100 countries, including the most extreme conditions and difficult terrains. As a market leader in each of its core businesses and with regional capabilities around the world, the company provides clients with one of the most extensive support structures in the industry.

Stanley CRC-Evans’ focus has always been to help customers meet the pipeline industry’s challenges through technological innovation and a superior level of service. In an industry that requires high productivity, the company responds by keeping an excellent service department. Among other things, experienced technicians are always on call and can be at a job site within 24 hours, should the need arise. The company also builds double jointing systems for use on land and offshore, maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts, and offers worldwide service.

Some recently carried out projects include:

  • Central Asia Phase C, Kazakhstan.
  • KSS 48 in., Kazakhstan.
  • ENAC/GR-5 48 in., Algeria.
  • OB 3, Nigeria.
  • 24 in. Tanzania, Tanzania.
  • Lun Nan Natural Gas Pipeline, China.
  • Narrows, Australia.
  • Bovanenkovo- Ukhta pipeline, Russia.
  • Beuneu-Bozoy- Shymkent Gas Pipeline Project, Kazakhstan.
  • WEP3 Pipeline, China.
  • Tanghe Creek Project Sloat Creek Section, Canada.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Welding; Research & Development; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

STATS Group is a specialist engineering company and service provider that operates in the field of piping and pipeline integrity and maintenance. It offers innovative solutions and proprietary technologies such as:

The Tecno Plug™ pipeline isolation tools are designed for tethered, piggable or manual operation each with a dual seal and annulus vent offering effective double block and bleed isolation, with both seals being capable of holding the full isolation pressure. A through-port is provided for downstream pressure monitoring or pressure application as required.

BISEP™, STATS’ patented technology provides double block and bleed isolation, deployed through a single full bore branch or hot tap penetration. The seal annulus port proves and monitors the seal integrity before and during intervention work.

The company provides full service capability for the maintenance, repair and modification of oil and gas installations and pipelines, onshore and offshore. Its comprehensive range of products and services, enable piping and pipeline isolation, intervention, repair, subsea and shutdown services.

Some recent projects include:

  • 36 in. tethered Tecno Plug isolation facilitated pig receiver valve refurbishment at the Sullom Voe Terminal, Shetland Islands while the pipeline remained in full operation.
  • 24 in. remote Tecno Plug isolation on the Marnock ETAP spur line located in the Central North Sea allowing replacement of a 16 in. valve.
  • Two remote Tecno Plugs pigged 64 km in a 20 in. oil pipeline to allow bypass removal in Oman.
  • 10 in. tethered Tecno Plug isolation to facilitate riser valve removal in the North Sea.
  • 18 in. BISEP and 32 in. tethered Tecno Plug isolations allowed replacement of welded flange valves while gas production was maintained at the onshore slug catcher (OSC) in Malaysia.
  • BISEP intervention and isolation on 3 in. pipework allowing deconstruction work in the North Sea, preventing production shutdown.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Feasibility Studies; Terminals; Research & Development; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Techint Engineering & Construction provides engineering, procurement, construction, operation and management for large-scale oil and gas projects at a global level.

Thanks to its broad experience and its local roots in every country where it operates, Techint is able to develop high complexity projects, from design to the start-up, protecting the environment and ensuring the welfare of communities affected.

With more than 65 years of experience and employing 22 000 people worldwide, it has completed more than 3500 projects in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.

An example of a recently completed project:

  • Margarita Pipelines (client: Repsol YPF E&P Bolivia): EPC contract in Bolivia for two pipeline systems and a loop, including surface facilities. Completed in 2012, the project included 72 km of 8/10/20/24/28 in. pipe.

Two currently ongoing projects are:

  • Shushufindi-Aguarico oilfield (client: Shushufindi S.A.): EPC contract to develop the Shushufindi-Aguarico oilfield in Ecuador. It comprises new oil platforms, power lines, flowlines and plants.
  • Camisea (client: COGA): Operation and maintenance services for the Camisea natural gas and liquids transportation system in Peru.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Compressor Stations; Welding; Feasibility Studies; Terminals; Maintenance

United Pipeline Systems is a global pipeline lining contractor that specialises in protecting oil, gas, chemical and mining pipelines from internal corrosion and abrasion. Its Tite Liner® system has been used to rehabilitate and protect more than 16 000 km of pipelines on six continents since 1985. As a specialised pipeline contractor, United has the trained manpower, equipment and the worldwide expertise to tackle a wide variety of thermoplastic pipe lining challenges safely, on time and on budget.

The company has developed and provides a leading thermoplastic lining system for protecting pipelines from internal abrasion and corrosion. These thermoplastic pipe lining systems can range in diameter from 50 - 300 mm. United provides pipeline rehabilitation projects that include: planning, procurement, pipe lining, lined fittings and air testing. Its in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities give United complete control over production scheduling and the quality of specialised pipeline materials and equipment.

In the past year, United Pipeline Systems has completed 35 miles of HDPE liner installation for a Wyoming-based oil and gas producer. This included the installation of 6 in. through 20 in. liners with pull lengths ranging from 30 - 3000 ft. United’s technology and experienced crews allowed all these installations to be completed on time and on budget.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

Willbros is a specialty energy infrastructure contractor serving the oil, gas, refinery, petrochemical and power industries. The company’s offerings include: engineering, procurement and construction (either individually or as an integrated EPC service offering), turnarounds, maintenance, facilities development and operations services.

Some recent projects include:

  • Willbros Construction installed 4.3 miles of 24 in. pipeline, 33.7 miles of 16 in. pipeline and 35.5 miles of 12 in. pipeline in Ohio’s Utica Shale Play. This project completed in Q2, 2013.
  • Willbros Construction installed 51 miles of 12 in. pipeline from Geismar, La., to Norco, La. The scope of the project included installation in 14 miles of solid land, 36 miles of swamp and 1 mile of horizontal drilling under a spillway. This project began in Q2, 2013 and was completed in Q2, 2013.
  • The company is currently installing 25 miles of 24 in. pipeline, 3.5 miles of 8 in. pipeline, and 0.75 miles of 16 in. pipeline in Ohio’s Utica Shale Play.
  • Willbros Construction is installing 250 miles of 16 in. and 12 in. pipeline in Texas. This project began in Q2, 2013.
  • The company has also installed 51 miles of 12 in. pipeline in Louisiana. This project began in Q2, 2011 and was completed in 2Q, 2013.

Areas of focus: Onshore Pipelines; Turnkey Construction; Compressor Stations; Welding; Feasibility Studies; Terminals; Maintenance; Pipeline Rehabilitation

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