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Inspiring trenchless technologies

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TRACTO-TECHNIK presented its complete range of NODIG systems during the “Hands on Days” which took place from 16 - 26 September, 2014, for the tenth time. More than 600 visitors from Europe, Australia, Asia und Africa got an in-depth experience of TT’s Trenchless Technologies in theory and practice during this well-established event held at the TT headquarters in Lennestadt/Germany.

In addition to the popular live demonstrations the multi-lingual programme included a factory tour for early birds, a choice of 30 well-attended inspiring lectures by speakers of TT and the exhibiting partner companies Bagela, Föckerperger, Hauff-Technik, Bohrtec, Prime Drilling and RSP suction excavators which round up TT’s complete system solutions.

After the lectures there was plenty of time to talk shop wit h exhibitors about heir system-relevant products and to attend the live demonstrations of the latest NODIG equipment in the test site. There the trade visitors could test the machines for themselves and exchange their experience. In co-operation with the partner company Prime Drilling from Wenden/Germany the complete range of HDD technology from mini-bore rigs to large drilling rigs was operated live.

Particularly remarkable was the high profile of visitors from the Eastern European countries due to the strong demand for extending the underground pipe infrastructure in this part of the world.

The GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer has even gained more appeal, especially with regards to the growing number of FTTH property service connections having to be installed. TRACTO-TECHNIK offers a smart system solution to do this with a GRUNDOMAT of 45 or 55 mm diameter that is started out of the building whilst simultaneously pulling in a 32 mm diameter PE protection pipe.

The core bore through the brick wall is sealed to make it gas- and water-proof using a special wall duct manufactured by TT’s partner company Hauff-Technik. All works can be carried out completely without trenches except for the connection to the main pipeline in the street. For longer property service connections along varying elevation or curved bore paths the GRUNDOPIT Power mini-bore rig can be applied. 

A further novelty on display was the GRUNDOPIT Keyhole technology for establishing property service connections of all kinds in a cost-efficient and environmentally sound manner. A keyhole is a small, circular construction pit that is dug out using a suction excavator with minimal surface disruption. For works in underground infrastructure the GRUNDOPIT K fully automatic bore rig is mounted inside the keyhole.

The use of soil displacement hammers for installing geothermal ground loop up to 10 m length was also demonstrated live and described during a lecture by heat pump manufacturer Viessmann. The installation of larger ground loop arrangements can be carried out using TRACTO-TECHNIK’s new GEODRILL 8R bore rig which is mounted on a drilling chamber to establish geothermal bores at inclination angles of 35° to 90°.

In addition TT offers an extensive range of equipment for pipe renewal including pipe bursting, pipe string relining, pipe reduction (Close-fit) and th TIP method (Tight in Pipe). Suitable bursting rigs are available for all these techniques.

Visitors also embraced the inspiring evening events in the unusual ambience of the Sauerland Pyramids having the opportunity to receive information about the geothermal energy heated park, to take part in an exhibition about the landings on the moon and to do some personal networking.

The 10th ‘Hands on Days’ proved once more that TRACTO-TECHNIK, with its innovative products and sophisticated system solutions, is a leader in trenchless technologies which inspire both partners and customers.

Adapted from press release by Hannah Priestley-Eaton

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