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Bosque Systems unveils new water treatment technology

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Bosque Systems, LLC, has announced the deployment of a new technology to treat pre-frac, flowback, or fresh water to be used in support to the process of hydraulic fracturing.

The company has processed more than 200 million bbls of produced and flowback water in the past 18 months. With a full water management business model, the company is well positioned in every major play in the US with an experienced service network and customer support teams dedicated to performing to the highest standards.

The DIONIXTM system is a unique, patented mobile water treatment technology serving the oil and gas industry. It uses a 2-precursor chemical process to produce chlorine dioxide, rather than a 3 precursor. The 2-precursor chemical process, is the safest way to produce chlorine dioxide on-site, directly where the operator needs it. It kills 100% of all bacteria in the water and is also recognised by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a green biocide. The reaction time is immediate and all bacteria are eliminated from the water within seconds. Also, this process does not generate trihalomethanes, does not affect the pH of the fluid, changes the oxidation rate of iron (Fe2 to Fe3), and does not chlorinate. It is not corrosive and therefore preserves pipelines and wells.

"Bosque's method is the most cost-effective solution to eliminate costly repairs, preserving pipes from corrosion. It also prevents fouling a well by acids and/or bacteria growth," commented Robert Mitchell, vice president of technology for Bosque Systems. "Major operators benefiting from our DIONIX system are surprised by the simplicity to deploy our solution on site and its effectiveness."

Water from fracturing operations is exposed to many naturally occurring microbial contaminants which can cause souring, corrosion, plugging in pipelines and injection wells, pumps, and filters, and emulsion problems. In addition, solids, organics, and oil, need to be eliminated in order to provide operators with a water quality that will perform efficiently with the frac package.

Clane LaCrosse, CEO and President of Bosque Systems, LLC, commented, "We have worked very hard to develop a technology that makes sense for our customers. They have asked us to provide a mobile water treatment unit that is very cost-effective to operate and does not affect the fracking fluid". He also added: "By recycling fracking and flowback water, we are very proud to contribute to safer operations and more responsible practices in the oil and natural gas industry, preserving the local communities surrounding the production sites."




Adapted from a press release by David Bizley

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