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Elsevier and AGU to increase the precision of geology research

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Elsevier has announced that selected content from some of the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) leading journals is now available in Geofacets.

This addition of 80 000 maps will increase the amount of geological information in the database, which will help geoscientists make more informed interpretations and gain greater confidence in their decisions regarding investments in new exploration opportunities.

Content to be added to Geofacets includes maps from around the globe, ranging from geologic to those with more specialised disciplines, such as tectonics, geophysics, geochemistry and oceanography.

The content is sourced from eight AGU journals, including:

  • Tectonics.
  • Journal of Geophysical Research (e.g., Earth Surface, Biogeosciences).
  • Paleoceanography and Geochemistry.
  • Geophysics.
  • Geosystems.

This integration will increase Geofacets’ content portfolio to more than 550 000 maps by the end of 2015.

“We are delighted to be able to offer our users access to AGU’s industry-leading content. Making AGU maps easily discoverable and downloadable within the Geofacets platform will give geoscientists a better understanding of the subsurface structure, properties, composition and, its evolution,” said Phoebe McMellon, Director of Product Management for Geofacets. “As a result, organisations using Geofacets can make better interpretations and more informed decisions about where to drill, while mitigating risk in drilling and development activities—ultimately accelerating their geoscientists’ productivity.”

“Whether they know it or not, every day, people rely on the results of Earth and space science research in one way or another. Data from this critically important research informs decisions in sectors ranging from agriculture to oil and gas exploration, helping to protect public safety and to drive our economy,” said Christine McEntee, AGU’s Executive Director/CEO. “Participating in Geofacets will allow AGU to extend the impact of our members’ research by ensuring that scientists and researchers around the world have access to the quality data they need to inform their work. That kind of collaboration for a common good is at the heart of our mission to advance Earth and space science and its ability to benefit humanity.”

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