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Energy Storage USA Summit


In 2021, over 1000 energy storage projects have been deployed globally – with nearly 50% of operational capacity located in the US.

Fortunately, the US is leading the charge as the most lucrative market for investment, storage and capacity as it has become a beacon for renewable energy. Thus, with rising gas prices, both globally and domestically, and the addition of a further 345 MW of storage capacity in 2Q21 the argument could not be clearer for energy storage.

Investment and demand in energy storage have thus gone hand-in-hand and as a result the storage market has grown year-on-year. But how will the market fair with the additional challenges of a post-pandemic world, an unsuccessful US infrastructure bill and the inevitable supply-chain crisis?

This year we will explore these trends in-depth and provide great overview of the most pertinent topics in the industry: the unlocked potential of long-duration storage, maximising revenue opportunities, stability of supply chains and a tumultuous regulatory environment.

The fourth Energy Storage Summit (Austin, Texas - new location) will bring together financiers, developers, utilities, and equipment manufacturers to shed light on the most pressing problems within their own business and as an industry.

Most importantly, this flagship event is an opportunity to return to in-person events and provides a platform for professionals to engage in lively and rich discussions about the future of the storage market. Help add to the conversation on decarbonising and decentralising the energy industry, and in turn, make tomorrow a better, healthier and safer future for everyone.

Join the forward-thinking Energy Storage Summit USA where the key stakeholders in the US storage market meet.