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Download technical white papers from the renewable energy industry.


Why LTO and How Does It Compare?

Lithium batteries are utilised in almost every tech product used daily. With international efforts to adopt net zero emissions by 2050, lithium is the battery chemistry of choice to get us there.

Published on the 16 January 2024

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Rental of pipeline equipment at Maats Pipeline Professionals

Renting high quality, well-maintained pipeline equipment from Maats offers contractors the advantages of low investment, high flexibility, Maats' expertise during the project, and modern equipment.

Published on the 01 June 2023

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Responsible Knowledge Management in Energy Data Ecosystems

This paper presents knowledge-driven frameworks for managing energy data spaces. The proposed approach is being used in the EU-funded H2020 project PLATOON.

Published on the 19 December 2022

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Regenerated after 58 years of service: Breathing new life into a hydroelectric power station

The drive to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels for power generation requires not only the construction of new hydroelectric power stations, but also the continued reliable operation of existing facilities.

Published on the 26 October 2022

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PatSnap Analytical Report – Solar Panels

Uncover 10 key IP and R&D insights shaping the future of the solar energy industry and make more informed innovation decisions.

Published on the 13 May 2022

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Inside Energy Deregulation

Read CloudSense’s white paper to learn about the regions that have already deregulated, what the consequences and challenges have been for energy and utility companies, and what differentiates success from failure.

Published on the 10 October 2021

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Protecting your most valuable asset: 4 best practices for reducing worker injuries and illnesses

Every day, millions of people around the world go to work, exchanging their labour for wages that support themselves and their dependents. Learn more about four best practices that can protect your greatest asset: employees.

Published on the 01 September 2021

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A ROADMAP TO SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS: Achieving Regulatory Compliance and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Goals

Environmental regulatory compliance is a vast web of requirements that organisations must abide by in order to meet legal standards and excel in a world that increasingly values sustainable business practices.

Published on the 31 March 2021

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