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View technical webinars from the renewable energy sector.

Top Solutions for ESG Success in Renewable Energy

ON DEMAND - Companies need to disclose and manage environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks while improving their performance. Moreover, this information is greatly needed by their customers as they expand their ESG maturity. This webinar explores the top software applications to meet these needs with greater clarity and efficiency.

Upcycling Waste Energy With Industrial Heat Pumps

ON DEMAND - This webinar will describe possible applications that can be served by turbocompressor-driven industrial heat pumps, discuss specific design features, and provide pointers on potential refrigerants to be used.

How key pump operators are changing the game with AI

ON DEMAND - This webinar will highlight the challenges facing pump operators and how pre-emptive maintenance can be enhanced by using artificial intelligence (AI) in particular machine learning (ML). By using live data, engineers can move from being reactive to being proactive.


MD&A’s Advanced Steam Turbine Sealing Technology

ON DEMAND - This webinar will discuss how MD&A delivers and installs replacement packing. Component measurements, seal reverse engineering, seal design engineering, seal installation, and performance improvements will be considered.

True customer focus – the next big challenge after deregulation

ON DEMAND - During this on demand webinar, Jote Bassi, Francisco Marin, and Hilda Wong from CloudSense’s Energy and Utilities team will discuss and answer questions on the energy landscape and the lessons learned from deregulation, new customer challenges as a result of increased competition, and how to be truly customer-focused in order to survive and thrive post deregulation.

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