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How key pump operators are changing the game with AI

ON DEMAND - This webinar will highlight the challenges facing pump operators and how pre-emptive maintenance can be enhanced by using artificial intelligence (AI), in particular machine learning (ML). By using live data, engineers can move from being reactive to being proactive.

Looking at the vision for pump maintenance in the 21st century, Sulzer’s experts have developed a platform that uses pre-existing data, interpreting it using AI and ML to gain more accurate insights into pump performance. Using real-time data to empower the decision-making process with support from experienced pump experts enables pump operators to identify bad actors at the earliest opportunity.

Examining the theory behind this advanced maintenance tool is followed by real-world examples and case studies that illustrate how pump operators have cut operation and maintenance costs as well as improving asset reliability.

Sulzer’s presentation looks at how pump operators can improve operational performance and reduce maintenance costs through the use of AI ML.

There will be an opportunity to take part in audience polls during the webinar and questions will be answered at the end.


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