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Special reports

Global Geothermal Energy

Dr Ellie MacInnes, Head of Geothermal, CGG, UK, looks at how geothermal energy, with the help of geoscience, can be accessed throughout the world – and how the add-on value chain is crucial to economically exploiting the resource.


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The importance of storage infrastructure in energy workloads

Jeff Whitaker, VP Product Strategy and Marketing, Panasas, addresses the five main data challenges energy companies face – from performance bottlenecks to high costs associated with storage waste – along with suggestions on how the right infrastructure choices can help.

Early union engagement key to offshore wind workforce success

Brian Davis, General Manager and Adam Barnes, Service Manager, JDR Cables, look at the US wind industry, specifically how organised labour is proving quite tricky for many European offshore wind companies to wrap their heads around.

Global Energy Transition returns to New York in June

Reuters Events has announced the Global Energy Transition 2023 (7 – 8 June, New York, the US), where global energy, industrial, finance, and policymaking executives will convene to transform transition disparity into possibility.