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How to use remote blade monitoring technology to enhance wind blade integrity management

ON DEMAND - Watch as Sensoria™ by MISTRAS present a webinar discussing the use of remote blade condition monitoring as an alternative to traditional methods of determining blade integrity.

Establishing the condition of onshore and offshore blades typically means conducting manned and drone-based visual inspections, but these inspections can take months or even years in between visits, allowing damages to form and worsen. This can result in higher maintenance costs, extended downtime, poor blade performance, and in extreme cases, complete blade failure.

However, advanced blade monitoring technology, like Sensoria™ by MISTRAS, can be used to remotely detect blade damages, such as lightning strikes, skin ruptures, perforations, high-energy impacts, cracking, and delaminations, to enhance visibility and access to timely integrity data.

This webinar outlines case studies of blade monitoring technology’s effectiveness in detecting blade damages, along with how wind turbine operators, technicians, and fleet engineers can effectively use this critical information. Key takeaways include how remote monitoring enables:

  • Utilising permanently installed acoustic emission (AE) sensors for accurate data collection.
  • Making more informed maintenance decisions.
  • Being alerted to real-time blade condition and integrity data.
  • Easily identifying, tracking, and mitigating emerging blade integrity trends.

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