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Rental of pipeline equipment at Maats Pipeline Professionals

Maats Pipeline Professionals has one of the largest and most modern pipeline equipment fleets in the world, consisting of more than 500 high quality items. Renting machines offers several benefits for pipeline contractors and owners.

Renting equipment at Maats offers companies flexibility and a complete package of specialised and well-maintained pipeline equipment for all common diameters without having to invest in a whole fleet. Even in case we cannot meet the contractors needs from our large standard fleet, we will still help you out! When necessary, our engineers can and will help to customise the machines, or even design new equipment.

Personal contact is an essential part of doing business and to discuss the many details that are significant for the success of a project. Together with the customer, we look for the best solution and deployment of the machines required on their project. This includes the service and maintenance of the equipment during the project, for which we can use our experienced and specialised mechanics and Liebherr network. Where we can, we use Liebherr equipment and Liebherr parts on our Maats equipment such as bending machines and welding tractors, to be sure the quality, reliability and flexibility meets our standards.

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