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Protecting your most valuable asset: 4 best practices for reducing worker injuries and illnesses

Every day, millions of people around the world go to work, exchanging their labour for wages that support themselves and their dependents. Learn more about four best practices that can protect your greatest asset: employees.

Workplace health and safety risks are often high and always present – so much so, that millions of injuries, illnesses, near-misses, and fatalities occur in workplaces around the world every year.

What can employers do to protect their most valuable asset – their workers – and ensure these individuals return home every day just as healthy as when they arrived?

A new Intelex Insight Report examines that question and looks at the state of affairs in some key health and safety focus areas that organisations should be concentrating on, including:

  • Training.
  • Worker Engagement.
  • Incident Management.
  • Health and Safety Technology.

Learn the latest advancements employers are making in these areas and how your organisation can take advantage of them to ensure your workforce is as protected as completely as possible. Get your copy here.


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