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Regenerated after 58 years of service: Breathing new life into a hydroelectric power station

The drive to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels for power generation requires not only the construction of new hydroelectric power stations, but also the continued reliable operation of existing facilities.

While modern, large scale hydroelectric installations will make a significant contribution to the renewable energy transition, the legacy plants that have been operating for decades can continue to play their part, providing they are professionally operated and maintained.

Employing the latest materials technology and manufacturing processes, Sulzer repaired a failed generator at the Dinas hydro power station facility in Wales. Returning it to service in just over four months on behalf of site owner and operator Statkraft, the repair ensured that the efficiency and reliability of a key renewable energy facility was maximised.

The ability to draw together all the required teams such as site engineers, designers as well as manufacturing personnel and effectively coordinate their efforts helped to minimising overall project time.

At its state-of-the-art Birmingham Service Center, Sulzer designed, manufactured and tested 227 new coils for the generator. Two teams of winders were assigned to work round-the-clock to ensure the generator repair was completed rapidly. Sulzer also used the latest in hydrogen brazing technology for this project, which saved six days on the rebuild time compared to oxy-acetylene. This complete approach to the project ensured that this work and other repairs to the generator were expedited.

The ability of Sulzer to offer turnkey projects supported by a global network of engineering facilities, ensures that repairs are completed efficiently, effectively and on time.

Learn more about the Dinas hydro power station facility project and how Sulzer can support hydroelectric facilities in this whitepaper.


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