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Global Energy Transition 2023


Amidst complex geopolitical tensions, evolving supply chains and catalysed technological development, the global energy transition has reached a critical inflection point. Against this uncertainty, are we realising the commitments we have set ourselves?

We must re-scrutinise critically evaluate the status of the energy transition and ask the hardest question around the reality, commitment, and pathways to a net zero future. Are we on the right track? Are we setting realistic and tactical goals? Can the gaps be bridged by action and technology? Does the industry need a new agenda?

Join 750+ executive decision-makers to re-invent the energy transition at Reuters Events: Global Energy Transition 2023 (07 – 08 June, New York). Together, we will unite energy, industrial, and government world leaders to redefine intersectoral net-zero discourse and confront the most business-critical challenges that our industry is facing, together.

Key themes of discussion at the summit will include:

  • Governing Transformation: How are national policy frameworks and global regulatory landscapes shaping the course of change? What can the industry do to engage with market governance?
  • Accelerating the Energy Transition: How can we turn climate commitments into concrete actions? How can we accelerate transformation without compromising reliability and energy security?
  • Readiness for a Clean Economy: How can we better incentivise transformation through capital and investment? What does a genuine ‘green economy’ look like and is your organisation ready to capitalise when it arrives?
  • The Collaborative and Just Transition: How can energy stakeholders improve transparency and align with industry perceptions? How can we foster collaboration and build innovative partnership between cross-sectoral businesses and society?