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RE-Source 2022

RE-Source 2022

06 October 2022 - 07 October 2022


The RE-Source event is the largest annual gathering in Europe of renewable energy buyers and suppliers. With more markets opening up to the corporate renewable sourcing opportunity, RE-Source 2022 is the perfect platform to network, learn, and do business with key players from the renewable energy world.

With its REPowerEU plan from May 2022, the European Commission strives to achieve energy security and independence in the next few years. The geopolitical shock of Russia's invasion into Ukraine is felt across Europe in the form of a dramatic rise of fossil energy prices. The stability offered by Power Purchase Agreements is now more valuable than ever – and will be one of the main themes of RE-Source 2022.

Whether you are an experienced buyer or seller, or new to this sphere, this event will have relevant content for everyone. Each day will be customised to the different needs and interests of the participants, with three days filled with sessions, workshops, and roundtables on various topics:

  • How can PPAs help Europe achieve energy independence
  • Renewable hydrogen and PPAs
  • Public procurement of renewables by cities and other public organisations
  • Heat Purchase Agreements
  • Mitigation of risk of PPA projects
  • Regional focus: PPA markets in Central and Southeastern Europe
  • Supply chain and Scope 3 emissions
  • RES sourcing for energy intensive industries
  • 24/7 renewables and flexibility
  • On-site generation of RES
  • Cross-border PPAs
  • What your CFO needs to know
  • How to make PPAs suitable for SMEs