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Scottish Renewables Offshore Wind Conference 2023

Scottish Renewables Offshore Wind Conference 2023

25 January 2023 - 26 January 2023


The global spotlight is firmly on offshore wind. In Scotland, a short term pipeline of 6.9 GW and the staggering ScotWind results have outlined the scale of things to come. At the Offshore Wind Conference 2023, Scottish Renewables will bring together experts from across industry, supply chain, and stakeholders to review the state of our offshore wind ambitions.

Many projects are on the horizon, including those coming from the Innovation and Targeted Oil & Gas (INTOG) process and the emergence of green hydrogen, which offers a new avenue to decarbonise our energy system. Our programme will focus particularly on bringing together a diverse set of voices, and on exploring the big challenges facing our growing offshore sector. In addition, our new supply chain focused sessions and events will provide companies with the information they need to grow their businesses in offshore wind.

The Offshore Wind Conference 2023 kickstarts another year of dedication to delivering our offshore wind goals and ensuring it is the technology at the forefront of the energy transition.