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UK Solar Summit 2022

UK Solar Summit 2022

14 September 2022 - 15 September 2022


14th September 2022

  • The UK solar industry in 2022: subsidy-free growth across rooftops and ground-mount segments.
  • 40-GW-plus solar farm capacity at the planning stage: what does this mean?
  • Commercial and industrial rooftop PV: factors and key stakeholders driving annual deployment to the GW-level.
  • Advances in PV module, invertor, and mounting designs: what to expect in component performance over the next two to three years.

15th September 2022

  • Public sector and local authority plans for rapid deployment of both rooftop and ground-mount sites.
  • Mega-solar activity to 2030: NSIPs, Welsh/Scottish sites, and moving past the 50 MWp-dc barrier.
  • The policy landscape underpinning UK PV to 2030: government policy and the importance of both ground-mount and rooftop deployment levels.
  • Adjacent market opportunities: solar and storage, solar in Ireland, solar for green hydrogen and carbon capture schemes.