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WindEurope Annual Event 2023

WindEurope Annual Event 2023

25 April 2023 - 27 April 2023


WindEurope’s Annual Event 2023 in Copenhagen

We’re living through turbulent times. In recent months, we’ve seen conflict in Ukraine, spiralling costs, worries about energy security, and a push for new sources of energy. And as we come together as an industry, the need to decarbonise comes with a new dimension. With electricity prices through the roof, we’ve got to deliver clean, homegrown, reliable, and affordable energy for all Europeans. Wind energy has to take the lead, driving Europe’s response to this energy crisis and safeguarding European livelihoods. The stakes have never been higher. In April 2023, in Copenhagen, we’ll have a lot to discuss.

At this year’s conference, we’ll be looking at how to deliver the deliver a rapid buildout of wind and doubling down on the major obstacles. We recognise that the objectives set out in REPowerEU – the EU’s energy response to the current crisis – aren’t necessarily being deployed on the ground. Many obstacles remain. And our goal now is to tackle these head on – and get wind on the path to growth.

Some of the key focuses include:

  • Slow and cumbersome permitting + insufficient market scale.
  • The supply chain – and how to ramp it up.
  • Other societal interests – and how to engage with them.
  • How to accelerate grid deployment.
  • Engaging the demand side.

As an attendee, you can look forward to 50+ sessions across three days, where we’ll be delving into the biggest issues in wind today. We’ll be joined by speakers from Europe and beyond, from policy to industry, education to finance, and from local authorities right up to European and international bodies.