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June 2020

The May/June issue of Oilfield Technology begins with a review of the Asia upstream sector. The issue then moves on to cover a range of technical subjects, including: Exploration, Reservoir Characterisation, Well Control, Software and AI, Rig Design, Drill Bits and our first annual Completions Review.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Titan Oil Recovery.

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World news

The COVID-crisis
Stephen B. Harrison, Nexant Energy & Chemicals Advisory, Germany, considers the COVID-crash’s potential implications for the Asia Pacific region.

Driving the future of seismic exploration
Risto Siliqi, CGG, France, explains how the largest multi-client ocean bottom node survey in the UK Central North Sea will deliver unprecedented seismic data quality to identify remaining reservoir potential.

A robotic future
David Tonner, Geoffrey Cave and Simon Hughes, Diversified Well Logging, USA, analyse how surface AI is driving capital efficiency.

Profiting through performance
Brad Tolbert, Stone Ridge Technology, USA, discusses the evolution of high performance computing and reservoir simulation in the industry.

Aim high, start small
Richard Toomes and Matthew Offenbacher, AES Drilling Fluids, USA, argue that new, ‘revolutionary’ data tools can best be introduced to the industry through collaboration and achieving well-defined, basic objectives.

Coating conundrums
Gu Hai, ABS, Singapore, explores how the application of machine learning can be used for coating condition assessments in offshore structures.

Staying out of the red zone
Arthur de Mul, Huisman, the Netherlands, explores how the aim of fully automated handling operations on the drill floor is being realised.

When perception is not reality
Steve Richert, Wild Well Control, USA, explains how erroneous perception and confirmation bias have the potential to cause serious workover well control events in the oilfield.

Keep calm and cap it off
Leonardo Portillo, Gary Barbee and Andy Cuthbert, Boots & Coots, USA, recount an emergency well intervention operation in West Africa.

Smallbore step for drilling, giant leap for oil recovery
Kenneth J. Gerbino, Titan Oil Recovery, USA, considers the production upsides that could be gained from using a proven enhanced oil recovery technology and a seldom-used smallbore lateral drilling method.

Harnessing the power of diamond
Michael Bouska and Jarred Koenig, IDS, USA, examine how the call for improved drill bit performance in challenging environments is being met.

Completions Review
Oilfield Technology presents an overview of some of the recent developments in completions technologies and services that are available to the upstream oil and gas industry.

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