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Ductor to build biofertilizer-biogas facilities in Poland

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Three new biofertilizer-biogas facilities will be built in the Zachodniopomorskie region about 100 km off the coast of the Baltic Sea, Poland. The plants are being built by Ductor, a Finnish-Swiss biotechnology company that creates solutions for global food and agricultural challenges and funded by Esperotia Investments Ltd.

The plants will use 100% poultry waste to create two separate products, renewable electricity and organic nitrogen fertilizer. This circular economy model will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both the energy and agriculture sectors. Two of the new plants will have an installed capacity of 0.5 MW and the third will be 1 MW. All three will be operational in 2021.

The three facilities will use 50 000 tpy of the total poultry manure produced in Poland. Ductor currently has similar projects underway, including 5 – 10 new facilities in Poland and a solid portfolio of projects under development in Europe and the Americas. Since patenting its system in 2015, Ductor has completed the development and commercialisation of its groundbreaking innovation so it can be deployed all over the world.

During the last 40 years, over 30% of the world's arable land has become unproductive. Topsoil is being lost from land areas at a rate 10 – 40 times faster than soil renewal. This imperils future human food security and environmental quality. Ductor's products slow down this degradation and returns farmland to a healthy, productive state. Ductor's fermentation technology converts chicken manure into efficient organic fertilizer useful to large-scale farming and biogas in the form of biomethane to replace fossil fuel energy. Healthier soils and ecological farming also contribute to less polluted waters.

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