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December 2020

The Winter issue of Energy Global provides a variety of in-depth technical articles covering hydrogen projects, wave power, geothermal energy, floating offshore wind, and more. The issue also features a regional report on the renewables industry in Scandinavia.

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The windy kingdoms
Susanne Andresen, Monika Golas, and Sonia Mlada Passos, Rystad Energy, Norway.

Wave energy, a heartbeat away
Patrik Moller, CorPower Ocean, Sweden.

The mothership of baseload power
Gregory Frébourg, Bruce L. Cutright and Regan Frébourg, GeoFrame Energy, LLC, USA.

The solution lies deep in the well
Joseph Scherer, CEO, GreenFire Energy Inc., USA.

Russia's hydropower revolution
Stanislav Degtyarev and Ivan Sliva, RusHydro, Russia.

Doing the heavy lifting
Peter Libert, Sarens, Belgium.

It's time to supersize
Tom Whittle, Taiwan, and Daniele Caruso, UK, Offshore Wind Consultants (OWC).

A floating gold rush
Graham Stewart, Anni Piirainen, Kate Johannesen, and Adrian de Andres, Xodus Group, UK.

Getting wind of robots
Danny Constantinis, Executive Chairman, EM&I Group, Malta.

A tale of two towers
Adam Kankiewicz and Frank Jakob, Black & Veatch, USA.

Where two worlds meet
Luce Reboul, Voltalia, France.

A green new world
Branislav Safarik, COO, FUERGY, Slovakia.

Leave nothing to waste
Dr. Ilkka Virkajärvi, Ductor Oy, Finland.

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