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June 2009

On this month's cover: Natural gas often travels distances of several thousand kilometres. Gas compressor stations along thepipeline ensure the required transportation pressure. Safety requirements for these compressor stationsare very high. The gas compressor station at Elten, Germany, uses the latest technology to achieve the required safety integrity level (SIL).

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Editorial comment

World News
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The Dynamic Middle East
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, focuses on recent developments in the Middle Eastern oil sector and considers its future

Staying Safe Under Pressure
Michael Stay and Siegfried Becker-Ullmann, Siemens AG, Germany, introduce an innovative safety concept for gas compressor stations

Clean Fuel Technology
Pamela Pryor and Richard Cooper, DuPont Clean Fuel Technologies, USA, introduce IsoTherming® technology, an alternative to traditional desulfurising methods

Facing the Challenge
Sue Sung and Grant Smedley, Trinity Consultants, USA, and Robert Morris and George Chang, Western Refining Company, L.P., USA, discuss the growing compliance challenges faced by US refiners when tracking emissions from maintenance, startup and shutdown activities

At the Heart of Valve Selection
Vesa Lempinen, Metso Automation Inc., Finland, explains how the appropriate choice of rotary control valves can lead to multiple benefits

Catching Up on Catalysts
Lars Skyum, Haldor Topsøe, Denmark, introduces next generation BRIM™ catalyst technology and outlines the benefits for refiners

25 Years of Development
Paolo Palmas, UOP, a Honeywell Company, USA, traces the history of RFCC and provides guidelines for choosing the appropriate regenerator style

Lowering the Cost of Environmental Compliance
Alan Kramer, Albemarle Corporation, USA, explains how the latest reduction technologies can be employed to reduce SOx emissions

Incinerate and Eliminate
Roop Bhan, Callidus Technologies by Honeywell, USA, provides an overview of the application of downfired salt thermal oxidisers

Metering and Measuring
Phil Thane, Freelance Journalist, and Stefano Cagnola, Isoil Impianti SpA, Italy, detail the various types of flow meter available and their appropriate use

Proving a Success
Darren Heath, Honeywell Enraf Americas Inc., USA, describes the processes and equipment involved in proving

Pretreatment Processes in a Nutshell
Karim Essemiani, Steve Kroll, Ken Severing and Jan Bart Kok, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, detail effective oil removal pretreatment for wastewater reuse systems

Tank Cleaning of Tomorrow
When Cinatra Clean Technologies, Inc., USA, sought to improve its tank cleaning services, Oreco AS, Denmark, provided its automated tank cleaning technology, as outlined in this article

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