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June 2020

The June 2020 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering looks at digital transformation in the downstream sector. Other topics featured in this issue include plant reliability and inspection, corrosion, FCC catalyst technology, hydrogen sulfide removal, and heat transfer fluids. The API Technical Data Committee also provides an article looking at improved property methods for hydrotreater separator design.

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Included in the June issue:
The Tanks & Terminals Summer 2020 supplement - view your free issue here.

The great white north
Gordon Cope, Contributing Editor, explains the potential and the challenges for the oil and gas industry at the top of North America.

Migration: picking the right moment
The costs of delaying control system migration can be great. Satnam Bhogal, Honeywell Process Solutions, UK, explains why.

Digital twins: the heart of the digital transformation
Sandra DiMatteo, Bentley Systems Inc., Canada, contends that digital twins are the key to operational excellence in refineries.

Data and the new oil industry
George Walker, Novotek, UK and Ireland, explains why data is integral to ushering in a new era of downstream oil and gas.

Decreasing downtime
Sepideh Rajaeirad, Seeq Corp., outlines how advanced analytics can be leveraged to improve availability, reliability, and uptime.

Mapping out the road to RBI optimisation
Jim McVay and Russ Davis, MISTRAS Group, USA, outline risk-based inspection planning and the utilisation of advanced non-destructive evaluation methodologies.

Furnace integrity assessment
Jaime Lopez and Everardo Dominguez, ROSEN, Mexico, describe a recent inspection of the heating coils of several furnaces at the Refidomsa refinery in the Dominican Republic.

Taking control of CUI
Brandon Stambaugh, Owens Corning, USA, looks at the materials and methods for the limitation and risk mitigation of corrosion under insulation.

Boosting profitability with butylenes
Nik Larsen and Tiffany Clark, Marathon Petroleum Corp., USA, with Melissa Clough Mastry and Namal De Silva, BASF, USA, examine new FCC catalyst technology which has maximised butylenes production and raised profitability in refinery trials.

Beyond estimation
Carl Fitz, API Technical Data Committee, USA, looks at improved property methods for hydrotreater separator design.

A flywheel for H2S removal
Michael Ray, ThioSolv LLC, USA, discusses an innovative process to remove hydrogen sulfide from a gas stream.

Handling high sulfur
Ayla Öngören, Sercan Yaman, and Murat Ercan, Tüpras, Turkey, provide an overview of the research into chemical injections as a method of hydrogen sulfide disposal in Turkey’s Batman Refinery.

Decisions, decisions
Edward Cass, Paratherm, USA, looks at the chemistry of heat transfer fluids and what must be considered when selecting them.

The future is light
Stephen Karns, HarbisonWalker International, USA, charts the evolution of lightweight refractory aggregates and monolithics.

Larger modules, finer details
Kaveh Ebrahimi and Daniel Inglis, Fluor Ltd, UK, set out design considerations for pressure vessels during seaborne shipment in modules.

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