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May 2020

The May issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering includes features on maintenance & reliability, gas detection & analysis, turbomachinery, and the use of CNG as an alternative to LNG. Contributing Editor, Nancy Yamaguchi, also discusses the outlook the oil and gas industry in Sub-Saharan Africa, and the challenges it faces in the current market conditions.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Sentry Equipment.

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Uncharted territory
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, presents the outlook for the Sub-Saharan African oil industry and the challenges it faces in current market conditions.

Maintenance 101
Randy Cruse, Sentry Equipment Corp., USA, reveals how to develop a reliable hydrocarbon sampling programme.

Asset strategy management
Allen Garcia and Kent Knight, ARMS Reliability, USA, explore the options available to downstream operators looking to enhance their maintenance programmes.

Getting to the root of the problem
Lance Bisinger, T.A. Cook Consultants Inc., USA, explains why it is essential to establish the root cause of why a piece of equipment may be negatively impacting throughput at a processing facility.

Telemetry: present and future
Matthew Hawkridge, Ovarro, UK, looks at how existing remote telemetry unit (RTU) technology can be applied to meet growing demand in the oil and gas sector for information from the field.

Going digital
Timchan Bonkat, Emerson, USA, highlights how evolving data management platforms simplify and speed up thermowell design.

A leading role
Ryan Lerud, Guided Wave Inc., an Advanced Group, USA, examines the role of process analysers in a petrochemical refinery.

A whole new level of understanding
Graham Barker, Tracerco, UK, outlines the important role measurement has in controlling refinery feedstock composition in the desalter.

Finding the solution
David Engel, Cody Ridge, and Scott Williams, Nexo Solutions, USA, look at LPG feed contamination sampling and advanced surfactant analysis as a means to identify and resolve contamination issues.

Smelling trouble?
Stephen B. Harrison, Nexant Energy & Chemicals Advisory, Germany, considers the importance of gas detection in downstream plants to process and employee safety.

Gas analysis in downstream applications
Dr Stephen Firth, Servomex, UK, looks at the variety of gas sensing technologies used across important applications in the hydrocarbon processing industry.

Compression or liquefaction?
David Stenning and John Fitzpatrick, Global Energy Ventures, Australia, present the case for CNG as an alternative to LNG and explain how new solutions are making it more accessible.

Losing the loss coefficient
James R. Hardin, Elliott Group, USA, evaluates methods for analysing aerodynamic losses in downstream turbomachinery.

From deformation to pulsation
Cosimo Carcasci, Compression Service Technology S.r.l., Italy, describes a novel approach to vibration problems in secondary compressors for the production of LDPE.

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