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September 2009

The regional reports in the September issue turn towards South America. Nancy Yamaguchi discusses Argentina’s energy sector and Gordon Cope provides an overview of the South American natural gas sector. This issue also looks at emissions control with an article from Baker Hughes and safety systems with articles from Endress + Hauser, John Zink and TFEX Ltd.

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Editorial comment
Editorial comment

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Argentina's Energy Sector
Nancy Yamaguchi, Contributing Editor, analyses the energy industry in Argentina

Mucho Gas
Gordon Cope, Hydrocarbon Engineering correspondent, provides an overview of the South American natural gas sector

A New Line of Catalysts
B. Adkins, W. Knowles, K. Bruno, and J. Francis, Albemarle® Corporation, USA, introduce GO-ULTRA™, a new catalyst for gas oil units

A Winning Combination
Gary M. Sieli, Lummus Technology, USA, and Nash Gupta, Chevron Lummus Global LLC, USA, discuss delayed coking and the LC-FINING ebullated bed hydrocracker technology

Reduce Costs with Life Cycle Costing
John Barker, Fluor, USA, suggests that refi neries should consider life cycle costing as a way of delivering significant savings

Act Or React
Flowserve Corporation explains how costly shutdowns can be avoided with advanced communication and data management technologies

Just Add Intelligence
Sami Nousiainen, Metso Automation Inc., Finland, explores how to add intelligence to process control by modernising the control valves

Seal of Approval
Michael Adkins and Pete Ehlers, Swagelok Company, USA, explain the choices of ball valves to curb fugitive emissions

Keeping an Eye on the Environment
Marco Alderisio, Technip, Italy, outlines emerging technologies for environmental process management

No Room for Foul Play
Bruce Wright, Baker Hughes Incorporated, USA, discusses how fouling control programmes can reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions

A Stabilising Influence
Amar S. Wanni and Zdenka F. Ruzek, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, USA, discuss a variety of heat exchanger/anti-vibration technology solutions and their applications in the industry

Do The Twist
Blazo Ljubicic, Koch Heat Transfer, USA, examines heat recovery with Twisted Tube® heat exchangers and presents a case study of their application at a Middle East refi nery

Shell And Plate, Worth The Wait
Stefan Gavelin, Tranter International AB, Sweden, explains the advantages of using shell and plate heat exchangers over other designs

Turning Up The Heat
Mike Tucker, Furmanite, UK, looks at the latest developments in onsite heat treatment commonly used in refinery expansions, upgrades and retrofits

Tank Fire Fighting Theory
Istvan Szocs, TFEX Ltd, Hungary, highlights developments in tank fire fighting theory

Flame Safety
C. Filoon, Coen, USA and C. Baukal, John Zink Co. LLC, USA, report on flame safety technology

Overfills And Overspills
Chris Brennan, Endress+Hauser Ltd, UK, highlights the importance of employing reliable overfill prevention systems and discusses how guidance and regulations from public bodies are challenging companies

Analyse, Assess And Evaluate
Paul J. Giammatteo, Process NMR Associates LLC, USA, and James White, Active Spectrum Inc., USA, detail the procedures and benefits of spectroscopic crude assays

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