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December 2011

Our packed December issue means we exit 2011 with a bang! The lead feature on digital oilfields promises to explore how far technology can go in the future, and demonstrate what we already can achieve. In addition to this, the article ‘Bringing risk to the experts’ introduces the term visioneering and its uses in the industry. There are also a multitude of other articles, including topics such as drill pipes and tubulars, reservoir characterisation, water polishing and much more.

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Editorial comment

World news

Foundations for the future
Can MENA meet world energy growth needs? Andrew George, Chief Executive Officer of Marsh Energy Ltd, Europe, Middle East and Africa, attempts to answer the question.

Shale oil’s overture
Shale oil is re-writing oil production in North America. Oilfield Technology correspondent Gordon Cope explains.

Dawn of the digital oilfield
Dr Julian G. Pickering, Digital Oilfield Solutions Ltd, UK, discusses the digital oilfield and how it is delivering value now and in the future.

Mind mapping mitigation solutions
David L. Smith Jr., Halliburton, USA, guides us through operating a drilling and completion real time centre.

Pushing the envelope
William Ogilvie, NOV Grant Prideco, USA, talks trends in the drill pipe marketplace.

Pressure prosperity
Martin Culen, Blade Energy, Dubai, addresses drilling safety with an evolutionary drilling process.

Underbalanced drilling under consideration
David Elliott, Shell International Exploration and Production, Oman, evaluates results of underbalanced drilling for tight gas exploration and appraisal reservoir characterisation.

Bringing risks to the experts
Ingvar Espeland, Aker Solutions, Norway, details the potential uses of the IPort and explains visualisation technology for the oil and gas industry.

Represented reservoirs
James Li, C. Mike Du and Xu Zhang, Schlumberger, USA, exhibit a critical comparison of single and dual porosity simulation approaches.

In character
Chris Cubitt, Barbara Stummer, Wilfried Gruber, Robert Rieger and Reinhard Lind, HOT Engineering, Austria, present clastic reservoir characterisation from the core shed, logging truck and vibroseis to a simulation model.

Characterising complex geologies
Tyson Bridger, Emerson Process Management, Norway, discusses the dangers of oversimplification in reservoir characterisation today.

Produced water polishing
Robert Fields, Enhydra Ltd, UK, presents an absorbent filter media for cleaning up oily discharge water.

Chinese promises
Ken Montgomery, Niksam, Singapore, explains why FPSO conversions are viable in China.

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