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December 2021

Oilfield Technology’s final issue of 2021 starts with a report from Rystad Energy focusing on the outlook for the upstream industry in the Middle East. The rest of the issue is dedicated to features covering production optimisation, drill bits, pipeline integrity, health and safety, and more.

This month's front cover is brought to you by Varel Energy Solutions.

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World news

Market recovery in the Middle East
Priya Walia, Rystad Energy, India, explores what’s in store for the Middle East’s oil and gas market post-pandemic.

More logging, less guesswork
Rob Shoup, Justin Boltz, Matthue Ellis and Stephen Forrester, Gyrodata, USA, demonstrate how wellbore tortuosity logging can take the guesswork out of improving artificial lift equipment placement and optimising production.

Unconventional times call for unconventional measures
Bryan Holleyman, Extract Production Services, USA, reports on a new permanent magnet electric submersible pump design created for unconventional wells and stricter ESG requirements.

Improving drilling performance through drill bit hydration
Duncan McAllister, Karl Rose and Mike Ott, Varel Energy Solutions, USA, and Sebastien Reboul, Varel Energy Solutions, UAE, consider the experiments and modelling used to identify the key elements of a PDC bit design centred on drill bit hydration.

Slow and steady wins the race
Chris Gooch, Ulterra Drilling Technologies, USA, explains how incremental steps can bring large-scale changes to reliability, efficiency and economics in the drilling environment.

Meeting the challenges of the Haynesville
Donya Blakney, Drilformance, USA, outlines the impact that meaningful pairing of bit design and cutter geometry can have on drilling performance in over-pressured shale plays such as the Haynesville.

At the sharp end
Jarred Koenig and Michael Bouska, International Diamond Services, USA, present the results from applications of new PDC cutter technology in challenging drilling formations.

Increasing the value of deepwater wells
Kenneth J. Kotow, Steven M. Rosenberg, Nitin M. Kulkarni and James P. Wakefield, Subsea Drive LLC, USA, explain how deepening the structural casing in the riserless section using casing drilling can lead to improved well integrity and economics.

Subsea pipe repair in the Middle East
Vincent Ribouleau, 3X ENGINEERING, Monaco, uses a case study from the Middle East to demonstrate how composite wrapping is transforming the pipeline repair industry.

Pipeline integrity insights that go deeper
Michael Jefferson, Tracerco, UK, explores how pipeline inspection techniques have adapted to the challenges facing pipeline operators.

Overcoming difficult geomechanics in Mexico
Viridiana Parra, Grupo R, Mexico, and Reinaldo Maldonado and Justin McLellan, Impact Fluid Solutions, show how drilling fluids were successfully deployed at a wellbore offshore Mexico experiencing instability and lost circulation issues.

Autonomous oilfields: closer than you think
Dr Helmut Schnabl, Siemens Energy, Austria, examines several ready-to-deploy technologies that can facilitate autonomous oilfield operations.

Back to basics
Mark Niblett, Weatherford, USA, emphasises the need to return to the basics of safety in a new 2021 paradigm.

Protecting against tough upstream conditions
M.B. Sutherland, Magid, USA, discusses the importance of safety, hydration and suitable protection equipment when working on oil rigs.

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