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February 2016

The February issue of Oilfield Technology reviews the state of the oil industry in North America. Technical topics include: Advances in Drilling, Seismic Acquisition, Drilling Automation, Rig Design, Oilfield Chemicals, Coiled Tubing, Offshore Production, and Safety & Security.

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World news

Heavyweight bout
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, examines the North American oil and gas sector’s fight for survival.

Predicting performance
Dr. Jan Vermilye and Dr. Charles Sicking, Global Geophysical, USA, present a new before, during and after technology to predict, analyse and monitor frack and well performance.

UPSTREAM PROJECT UPDATE - Insights into the Anadarko Basin
Felicia Bryan, James Keay, Brad Torry, Peter Cary, and Ian Deighton, TGS, explain how data integration brings advanced geotechnical understanding to the SCOOP and STACK.

Advancing well flow
Rick Todd, Expro, reviews methods designed to effectively manage pressure during drilling.

Getting in sync
Ming Zo Tan and Budi Utama, Weatherford, review new drilling technology that enables drilling and casing in a single trip.

Deep freeze
Leiv Wanvik, Kværner Concrete Solutions AS, Moscow, examines a MODU concept designed to allow operators to stay working in the Arctic all year round.

A paradigm shift
Jared Zabransky, Schramm, USA, discusses the impact of partnerships and the significance of the super single in oil and gas production.

Transforming oilfield power
Doug Moorhead and Pasi Taimela, FlexGen, USA, describe how advances in generator technology are maximising drilling power.

The benefits of integrated control
Anthony Brayford, Rockwell Automation, UK, examines the benefits of integrating safety and control by implementing connected production principles.

Stay safe upstream
Louise Taggart, PwC, UK, discusses the impact of cyber attacks on the energy industry.

Fighting fluid loss
Daniel Detter and Michael Hurd, Kemira, USA, underline the importance of an effective fluid loss additive in water based drilling muds.

Exploring the value of reserves
Clare Miszewska, AnTech, UK, presents the benefits of financial modelling in evaluating the viability of well intervention.

Perfecting the floatover
JP Chia, Trelleborg, Singapore, looks at how the use of floatover technology can help reduce costs and eliminate downtime.

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