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January 2013

The January 2013 issue of Oilfield Technology will take a particular focus on safe oilfield operations, with a regional overview of China. Other topics will include seismic, downhole tools, fracturing, HPHT and flow control.

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Editorial Comment

World News

Enter the dragon
Oilfield Technology Correspondent Ng Weng Hoong outlines China’s progress in managing the unprecedented demand-related challenges raised by the country’s move to the global centre stage.

Ensuring security
Elizabeth Stephens, JLT Specialty Ltd, UK, explores some of the non-production challenges faced by oil and gas majors around the world and provides advice on how to keep operations running smoothly.

Rinse & repeat
John Jones, Hughes Safety Showers, UK, tells us how to use, choose and look after vital safety equipment such as safety showers and eyebaths.

24 On the horizon
Paul de Groot and Farrukh Qayyum, dGB Earth Sciences, The Netherlands, introduce a new series of seismic attributes and give examples of applications.

Shale solutions
Steve Barton, Paul Neil, Colin Donoghue, Timm Burnett, Christopher Starkie, National Oilwell Varco, USA, take a look at some innovative technological solutions that are helping oil and gas companies make the most out of shale plays.

Unconventional evaluations
Jueren Xie, C-FER Technologies, Canada, outlines the benefits of engineering evaluation of downhole tools for unconventional well applications.

Making use of UV
Jon C McClean, Engineered Treatment Systems LLC, USA, examines the growing use of UV as a process barrier in the oilfield environment.

Environmentally-friendly engines
David Oliphant, Tognum America, USA, outlines developments in engine technology that have evolved in response to increasingly strict environmental controls and emissions mandates.

Forever blowing bubbles...
Darren Hall, 3M Energy Markets, UK, explains how microscopic glass bubbles are well suited to overcome many of the difficulties faced in the mature North Sea environment.

HPHT testing
John Lee and Steve Young, M-I SWACO, USA, and Arash Shadravan, Texas A&M University, USA, explain how tests using four types of HPHT viscometers led to a simple rheological model to predict OBM behaviour under extreme HPHT conditions.

Secret ingredient
Andrew Bennion, Advanced Insulation, UK, shows how phenolic composites remain a key component of equipment insulation and fire safety systems in the oil and gas industry.

Adapting to the deep water
John R Pitre, Expro North America, USA, explores the ways in which well flow management tools are adapting to meet deepwater challenges in the Gulf of Mexico.

High pressure situation
Peter Carr, Peritus International Inc., USA, outlines design considerations and risk assessment methodologies for subsea high integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS).

Planning to stick around
Kashif Iqbal and Colin Ellis, InterMoor Pte, Singapore, provide an overview of the installation of a permanent mooring system for a floating storage and offloading unit.

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