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July 2017

The July issue takes a look at the prospects for the upstream industry in the Arctic before moving on to cover a variety of technical topics, including Hydraulic Fracturing, Water Treatment/Management, Artificial Lift, Flow Control, Proppants & Chemicals, Mooring, Well Control, and Joint Protection. The July issue also includes the EXTREME feature, which looks at technologies designed to operate in the harshest conditions and at the cutting edge.

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World news

Cold comfort
Oilfield Technology correspondent, Gordon Cope, reveals how exploration in the Arctic region is both heating up and cooling down.

Correcting the learning curve
Jim Flowers, IMERYS Oilfield Solutions, USA, asks whether well completion learning curves have become circular.

Keeping ahead with chemicals
Lourdes ‘Lulu’ Alvarez, Clariant Oil Services, and Paul Gould, Clariant Oil & Mining Services, USA, review new technologies for holistic reservoir optimisation and digital integrated chemical management.

Measurement matters
Alan Finlay, Salunda Ltd, UK, considers the importance of effective measurement and testing of drilling muds.

Engineering production assurance
Joshua Leasure, CARBO, USA, describes the features of a new proppant-delivered technology platform, designed to prevent reservoir damage and maximise production.

Profitability through water processing
H. Robert Goltz, Felipe Pinto, and Supriyo Das, Dow Water & Process Solutions, and James Donovan, Dow Microbial Control, explain why water treatment and management is critical to oil and gas efficiency and profitability.

Tackling turbidity with new technology
Bosque Systems, USA, explains how treating and re-using produced water for hydraulic fracturing at multi-pad sites reduces costs and eases strain on freshwater supply.

This feature showcase technologies designed to handle the harshest conditions faced by the global oil and gas industry. Contributions come from:

  • Vallourec Drilling Products – Seeking the next generation – Marta Lafuente, Fabien Carrois, and Larissa Hernandez look at the future of drilling connectors.
  • Siemens Power & Gas – Coping with the cold – Dr Ralf Bode reviews new material solutions for use in very low temperature turbocompressors.
  • Ulterra – Trading in the trade-off – Aron Deen and Ben Phillips explain how new drill bit technology designed for extreme durability and performance is allowing operators to increase ROP without sacrificing bit life.

The importance of protecting internal plastic coatings
Bob Miller, Postle Industries, Inc., USA, investigates a new hardbanding re-application procedure that prevents damage to internal plastic coatings.

Key components of cEOR
Michael Hurd and Brenda Bramhill, Kemira, USA, discuss the forgotten components of secondary and enhanced oil recovery.

Minimising waste to maximise returns
Neil Bowman, NEL, UK, considers the importance of correctly configuring production systems for operating conditions, production fluid makeup and flow rates in order to achieve maximum economic recovery.

The end of trial and error
Amer Kassab, GE Oil & Gas, UK, reviews a new downhole ESP gauge with a motor diagnostic system designed to rid the industry of an outdated trial-and-error approach.

Staging and intervention
Gavin Cowie, Interventek Subsea Engineering Ltd, UK, examines a new valve design that allows intervention operations to be carried out more reliably and safely at significantly lower cost.

Redefining boundaries
Evan Zimmerman and Senol Ozmutlu, Vryhof, explain how innovations in anchor design are enabling drilling contractors and operators to increase efficiency, reduce operational time and open up new economic opportunities.

More options for mooring
Neil Schulz, Lankhorst Ropes, Portugal, explains how a broader range of mooring options is allowing operators to achieve first oil as quickly as possible.

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